Graduate gives top tips for students

As a recruitment specialist, De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) graduate Aikaterini Minas knows all about the power of a well-rounded CV.

And she put that into practice herself by seizing as many opportunities as she could while studying at DMU to learn new skills, widen her network and embrace student life.

Now Aikaterini, who has returned to DMU to study a Master’s in Human Resources, has shared her story and given her top tips for current students.

Alumni Aikaterini Minas a

“My time at DMU was incredibly enriching,” she said. “Beyond academic excellence, I immersed myself in various roles and responsibilities during my BA studies which not only broadened my skill set but also helped me learn the different facets of university life.

“I was a student teaching and learning consultant, student personal tutoring advocate, student engagement associate, course rep and HR brand ambassador.

“I was a proud member of the women’s volleyball team and being from Greece, an active member of the Hellenic and Cypriot Society. This allowed me to not only participate in cultural events but also spearhead initiatives that helped fellow students into adapting and settling into the vibrant student life in Leicester.”

After graduating with a 2:1 in Human Resource Management, with expertise in recruitment and selection, Aikaterini returned to Greece and applied her knowledge to her role as a talent acquisition specialist with Teleperformance Greece, a multinational company with more than 12,500 employees. She has also begun a Master’s degree in HR at DMU and continues to be a student ambassador for the course.

Aikaterini has also shared her five top tips for DMU students to make the most of their time at university:

  • Embrace Networking: Actively engage with professors, peers, and industry professionals. Networking opens doors to opportunities you might not have otherwise discovered.
  • Balanced Approach: Prioritize both academics and extracurricular activities. It's essential to strike a balance for holistic development.
  • Internships and Placements: Seek out internships or work placements related to your field of study. They provide invaluable real-world experience.
  • Stay Curious: Never stop learning. Stay updated with the latest trends and innovations in your field.
  • Leverage University Resources: Make full use of the university's resources, including libraries, career services, and extracurricular offerings.


"Embrace every opportunity and dive into the DMU experience wholeheartedly. It's not just about the academic experience, but also about the connections you make, the experiences you gather, and the skills you develop. Soak it all in and make your time at DMU truly unforgettable!"

Posted on Friday 17 May 2024

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