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New graduate visa makes DMU 'perfect opportunity' for international students


A new government visa that enables international students to stay in the UK for up to two years after graduation will make the UK ‘one of the most appealing places to study’, according to Advertising and Public Relations Management MSc student Mohit Hira.

Mohit moved to Leicester from Delhi, India, in September 2020 to study for his master’s at De Montfort University Leicester (DMU). He will now be among the first cohort of students from the university to benefit from this new initiative, known as the Graduate route.

Mohit Hira

The new visa, which opened to applicants in July 2021, allows international students who have been awarded their degree from a UK university to stay in the country and work, or look for work, at any skill level for at least two years instead of just four months, as was the case under the previous rules.

Clearing at DMU is now open, where international applicants can find out more about the courses on offer at the university.

The change in the law is good news for students like Mohit, who, as part of the new rules, will no longer need to find an employer that is willing to sponsor him for a visa to work in the UK. Mohit will instead start a full-time one-year internship at Jargon PR in Hook, Hampshire, after his master’s course finishes in October.

Mohit said: “The UK job market is already an attractive option for many international students, so this new scheme represents an amazing opportunity for those looking to build their careers here. When the details were announced last year, it made me want to stay and work in this country.

“By removing the sponsorship requirement for businesses and extending the time-scale, it opens up the job market for even more international students. I know, having started my job search in December last year, just how time-consuming searching for a graduate job can be, so the additional time period is a huge incentive to study and stay in the UK.

“The new graduation route also allows students to become self-employed, so more can have the time to build their ideas from the ground up, without the pressure of setting up within four months.

“I have just started my internship part-time at Jargon PR. Once I have finished my course and start my application in October, I’ll be able to stay and work with the company full-time – I can’t wait.”

Having graduated in 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Delhi University and worked as a social media and communications officer at Serigor Inc, India, Mohit decided to pursue a career in PR. 

As part of his course, Mohit has opted for a business research project, which has seen him explore how companies can monitor the engagement rate of remote employees in place of a traditional dissertation.

Leicester’s diverse communities, combined with the practical assignments and range of content available on his master’s course, ensured that DMU was the perfect choice for him.

Mohit said: “PR is such an interesting industry because it is always evolving. The pandemic has forced so many brands to reimagine how they convey their company messages and I wanted to get more insight into how these companies measure their employees' engagement with work remotely, considering remote working is likely here to stay.

“To have the opportunity to study in Leicester means a lot to me. I knew people who had moved here and told me about how welcoming both DMU and the city is, and I’m hoping to explore more of Leicester now coronavirus restrictions are easing.” 

Students can find out more information about the Graduate Route here.

Posted on Monday 19th July 2021

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