GREAT response in Cyprus for the start of DMU's European visits

Teaming up with the GREAT Britain campaign, DMU celebrated its global outlook in Cyprus to a fantastic reception, kick-starting a series of events across Europe.

The first event, held in the Cypriot capital of Nicosia, shared the positive messages from the university’s #LoveInternational campaign, including the fact that the UK remains open to all students from every country in the world.

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DMU’s Vice-Chancellor Professor Dominic Shellard, leading the ‘De Montfort University – British Education is GREAT’ events, said: “We at DMU believe very strongly in international engagement. The vote to leave the EU won't change that.

“We're campaigning actively for the residency rights of our EU staff and we've developed LoveEU which includes scholarships for EU students in response to some of the challenges we're facing now. We couldn't be more public about our wish to engage with European partners.”

Professor Shellard, who was interviewed by Sigma TV while in Cyprus, continued: “Education is about dismantling barriers not creating them. Research is about collaboration. We need to maintain that approach.

“Nothing has changed for DMU in terms of its commitment to its global outlook.”

A social work lecturer at DMU, Dr. Nayia Kamenou from Cyprus, who spoke at the event which has already featured in Cypriot Gold News online, said: “I was very worried about the referendum result, but our Vice-Chancellor was very quick to act through #LoveInternational. I realised we were still valued.

“These events are a manifestation of the fact that he and senior managers are serious about DMU remaining a university that welcomes European staff and students.

“If the university continues to offer amazing education and employability then the losses will not be significant and it will continue to thrive.

“DMU places a great importance on the professional flourishing of both students and staff. This is what makes it very special.”

#LoveInternational, launched following the outcome of the EU Referendum vote, reaffirms what everyone who works and studies at DMU already knows – that the university is welcoming and supportive of all its students and staff.

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Cypriot alumna Julia Hadji-Stylianou, who graduated from DMU’s Photography and Video BA in 2014 and attended the event, said: “I really enjoyed the course and my time at DMU. The tutors I met were so passionate about their subject.

“The Brexit vote was so sad. There are so many European students at DMU. Leicester is such a multicultural city, and it's good that DMU is doing what it can to react positively."

The GREAT Britain campaign, active in more than 140 countries, is the Government’s most ambitious international marketing campaign ever, promoting the UK as a world-class destination for trade, tourism, investment and education.

Athena Achilleos, Trade and Investment Officer for the British High Commission in Cyprus said: “The event demonstrates that UK universities are responding to European students; it is excellent. DMU has come out here because European students need reassurance.

“British higher education is highly respected and we want it to stay like that, and as a High Commission we want to help the university promote its quality and value.”

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The second in the series of events across the continent takes place in Poland next week.

Posted on Thursday 21st July 2016

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