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LBF: Apprenticeships - Your Questions Answered

12/11/2020 (10:00-11:00)
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Apprenticeships provide a way to tailor your recruitment strategies and develop your existing employees which fosters loyalty and retention in your workforce. In an uncertain climate, the opportunity to utilise the government’s Apprenticeship Levy can help to meet contemporary workforce challenges. Higher and Degree Apprenticeships provide an opportunity to directly bridge the most important skills gaps and are aligned to apprenticeship standards which are designed by business, for business.

This engaging 1-hour webinar will enable you to hear from experts at De Montfort University on how Degree Apprenticeships could help to transform your business.

Register for our webinar to hear expert insights on:
  •     How Higher and degree apprenticeships work
  •     What opportunities are available
  •     Advice and guidance on up-to-date funding support and how to utilise this
  •     How you can upskill your existing workforce and recruit new talent in a cost-effective way

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