Open Innovation and Economic Growth - IW2020

The Innovation Centre Co-working Café
25/02/2020 (10:00-12:00)
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Innovation is the engine for productivity, growth and sustainability of every business. Post-Brexit Britain needs to become highly innovative and productive to compete on the key indicators of customisation, quality, speed, flexibility and uniqueness. Geographical constraints will limit the UK companies’ capability to work with its partners to produce and deliver attractive offerings to market. 

This talk will discuss how cutting-edge concept of ‘open innovation’ can facilitate your company to collaborate with its overseas partners to co-create its future business portfolio. The speakers will focus on how new knowledge can be accessed and co-created using social network platforms and technologies, how companies can measure efficiencies, improve business performance to ensure sustained competitiveness, profitability and growth of the business and the region.

What would you learn?

  1. New methods of knowledge co-creation, sharing and harnessing to nurture open innovation
  2. How to use a toolkit to improve productivity, efficiency and growth of the company

Who should attend? 

  • CEOs/Directors/Business Owners/ Manager and individuals in businesses of all sizes, with ambition to transform their business
  • Businesses seeking networking opportunities and looking for new collaborators and markets to explore
  • Those keen to engage with the needs of the local industrial landscape

• Those keen to engage with the needs of the local industrial landscape


Professor Khalid Hafeez, Professor of Digital Transformation; Faculty of Business & Law

Editor: International Journal of Future Governments (Emerald) ISSN: 2516 – 4376 

Professor Adel Hatamimarbini, Professor of Business and Management, Faculty of Business & Law

Associate Editor: Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing (Springer, IF:3.535) ISSN: 0956-5515

Editorial Advisory Board: Kybernetes (Emerald, IF:1.381) ISSN: 0368-492X

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