DMU Cyber Week 2020

Gateway House, Leicester
24 (10:00) - 28/02/2020 (15:00)
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DMU's CyberWeek provides an opportunity for students, staff and industry to get hands on with workshops delivered by industry professionals. The workshops will cover a variety of topics and allow you to see the perspective of industrial leaders from a number of sectors.

You can sign up to as many events as you wish, all events are free of charge.

Monday 24 February - Entrepreneurship Workshop 10:00am - 12:30pm

Have a fantastic idea for a new product but no clue as to where to start turning that idea into a reality? 

This workshop will cover key areas such as Value Propositions, Elevator pitches, funding opportunities and market validation.

Monday 24 February - Simulated Critical Infrastucture Protection Scenarios v2 1:30pm - 4:30pm

Take on the role of a board member at a major international organisation as world events swirl around you. It is your job to help decide which defences to purchase to help stave off cyber threats whilst ensuring that your company share price remains high.

Tuesday 25 February - Data Acquisition Challenge 10:00am - 3:30pm

Keith Cottendan of 3B Data Security presents this Data acquisition challenge. Think you know forensics? Think again!

Tuesday 25 February - Cybersecurity for Industrial Systems 5:30pm - 7:45pm

This event is being run by the IET but is open to all participants. The event presents the new threats and challenges cyber attacks pose for industrial systems and some strategies to help defend your networks. 

IET Cybersecurity for Industrial Systems

Speakers include Dr Richard Smith & Dr Sarmadullah Khan and Prof. Robert Oates from Rolls Royce.

Wednesday 26 February - Blue team CTF

How do you recognise a flase positive from a real attack? How do you know when someone is traversing your network?

Join Nettitude for their Blue Team CTF to find out the answer to life, the universe and defending a network.

Thursday 27 February - CyberSecurity at Airbus

As part of #DMUCyberWeek, we are pleased to welcome team members from Airbus.

In the morning, there will be a number of talks on topics such as:

Cyber Peacekeeping, Risk and Governance and Protocol Analysis & Workflow-based activity monitoring.

In the afternoon, the team will present an interactive Corporate Incident Response exercise.

Friday 28 February - TBC

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