World Antibiotic Awareness Day

campus centre 2.01 and 2.02
18/11/2019 (09:30-15:00)

De Montfort University Be a Part of the Solution;

World Antibiotic Awareness Week (18-24th ) and European Antibiotic Awareness Day (18th) take place every November. DMU be a part of the solution; Antibiotic Awareness Day has been organised to increase awareness of antibiotic resistance and to encourage best practices among the general public, health workers, prescribers and policymakers to avoid the further emergence and spread of antibiotic resistance.

Why Antibiotic Awareness Day is Important?

It is a reminder that we are partners with our medical professionals

That means educating ourselves as much as we can, so that, when we do need to visit a doctor, we come prepared with facts, details, and questions that will help the medical professional quickly reach a diagnosis and prescribe appropriate treatment.

It brings awareness to a health issue that concerns all of us

With the World Health Organization focusing this year on antibiotic resistance, it is the perfect time to educate ourselves on this topic.

It is an opportunity to brush up on antibiotic basics

Many people are not aware that antibiotics cannot treat viruses; they are only effective against bacteria. (This is why there is still no cure for the common cold, which is virus-based).

How is DMU a part of the solution?

Inform our students and staff on simple facts about antibiotic resistance and the consequences. World antibiotic awareness quiz; interactive session; 

Research showcase; how DMU academics tackle antibiotic resistance through their research.

Launch of antibiotic guardian pledge- Professor Rusi Jaspal

Encouraging all the students and staff, university as a whole organisation to pledge to become an Antibiotic Guardian;

This campaign led by Public Health England ( PHE ), urges members of the public and healthcare professionals to act in helping to slow antibiotic resistance and ensure our antibiotics work now and, in the future.

Please bring any electronic devices (laptop, smartphone or tablet), as we are going test ourselves with a quiz and we end the event by pledging as Antibiotic Guardian.

Enjoy the morning refreshments and lunch during the event.

 Antibiotic Awareness Day

18th November 2019, De Montfort University, Leicester.

9.30-10am Registration and coffee

10.00-10.30am Wecome and opening address

Shivanthi Samarasinghe; Highlight the importance of the day and presenting the UK’s five years national action plan on tackling antibiotic resistance.

10.30 am-12.30 Keynote speeches

1. Who or what has agency in the discussion of antimicrobial resistance in UK news;

Rusi Jaspal

2. Antibiotic Resistance awareness in marginalised and social disadvantage populations

Bertha Ochieng from School of Nursing and midwifery

3. Do Biomedical scientist/research have a role to play in antibiotic resistance?

Parvez Hariz from Allied Health Sciences.

4. Do Pharmacists have a role to play in antibiotic resistance?

Ahmed Aboo from School of Pharmacy

12.30- 1.30 pm Lunch

1.30-2.00 pm Research showcase; video presentation: How DMU academics tackle antibiotic resistance?

2:00 – 2.30pm World Antibiotic Awareness Quiz; Interactive session

2.30- 2.45pm: Launch of Antibiotic Guardian Pledge - Rusi Jaspal

Encouraging all the students and staff, university as a whole organisation to pledge to become an antibiotic Guardian;

2.45- 3.00pm: Closing remarks and end: Shivanthi Samarasinghe

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