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Re-opening measures

Following Government & NHS guidance, the University are making face coverings mandatory in all communal spaces within the Leisure Centre. Please wear face coverings before entering the facility, once you are in your activity area you may remove your face covering whilst exercising. Please then wear them again when leaving the facility.

For those people who are exempt from wearing face coverings please have any exemption cards available to present if requested to by staff.

We ask all customers to please respect these new rules, which will allow us to operate in a safe environment. Thank you

We are really looking forward to re-opening our doors to you all and have been making preparations to ensure that you can enjoy the facilities safely by putting into place relevant measures, including:

  • Reviewing our capacity levels to ensure we meet social distancing requirements.
  • Following all Government and industry guidance for a safe re-opening.
  • Thorough cleaning of the centre.
  • Training our team on how to make your experience as enjoyable, and safe, as possible.
  • One way systems in place where possible.

In return, we are asking our customers:

  • Do not attend the facility if you are feeling ill or showing signs of any symptoms of COVID-19 and follow NHS guidance.
  • Arrive changed and ready to participate in your activity where possible.
  • Respect and adhere to the one way systems, and social distancing measures that are in place.
  • Use the hand sanitiser provided upon entry to the facility.
  • Wipe down equipment in the gym before and after use with the spray bottles provided.

To meet the Government outline for safe return to leisure centres, we will be making some changes to how you access the facilities.

One of these measures will mean that all activities, including swimming and attending the gym, will need to be pre-booked.

All activities will be bookable up to 6 days in advance and we advise customers to do this via the app or online booking system.

Be mindful that in busy periods we may be operating at maximum capacity, so it is important that if you are unable to attend a session, you cancel your slot. Customers that are found to be booking spaces and not attending the facility will be subject to a fine.

Our DMU community shares a responsibility to ensure our campus is safe. To find out more about what we ask of you and what DMU commits to doing, please take a look at our shared commitment to keeping each other safe.

Gym reopening measures

We want to ensure that all of our users feel safe when coming back to the facility, and in doing so we have had to make sure certain social distancing measures and capacity levels are in place to meet recommended guidelines set out by the appropriate governing bodies and University policies.

Our staff in the fitness suite will be operating an enhanced cleaning policy and undertaking regular spot checks to make sure equipment is cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis. We ask our customers help maintain these high standards by using the cleaning products provided before and after using equipment.

Changes to expect as a gym user:

  • No spotting - Please refrain from lifting heavy weights that require a spotter.
  • Towel usage - Wipe yourself with your towel, not the equipment.
  • Please wipe equipment down before and after use with cleaning products provided.
  • Limits of 30 minutes on cardio equipment.
  • Train alone, not in pairs/groups.
  • No sharing equipment between sets.
  • Booking is mandatory to use the gym, and most sessions are 90 minutes long.
  • Some equipment will be placed out of use to abide with social distancing measures.

Our midweek time slots for gym users will be as follows:


Weekend times will be starting and ending sooner due to the shorter opening hours;





Please note that these times may slightly alter depending on suitability for customers and staffing provisions. Safety for our users will take priority over session availability and if this is compromised we will be making adaptations to these times where required. 

Swimming pool reopening measures

Swimming pool guidelines have been set out for pools to follow and we have had to adapt some of our processes to adhere to these. Along with process changes which will be explained below, as a swimmer here's what we are asking of you:

  • Book your timeslot which will be visible on the app.
  • Come 'beach ready' for your swim to limit time spent in changing village and cubicles.
  • Where possible, towel dry and leave the facility as soon as possible without showering.
  • No overtaking- wait until the person in front of you has finished their length to allow you to pass.
  • Be courteous of swimmers and allow faster swimmers to pass you at the end of your length if required.
  • No resting at the end of the lane- should you require to rest any longer than 30-60 seconds between your lengths, you must exit the pool and use the designated rest areas for your lane.

As you can imagine these new expectations may take some getting used to, so please be mindful of others when swimming, and raise any questions or concerns to the on duty lifeguard. Showers and changing cubicles will be provided as normal but customers are encouraged to follow the guidelines highlighted to limit the amount of people in these areas.

Our session availability will be restricted to allow for safe social distancing within the facility and pool. Our availability for customers will be as follows:

Lane Swim - for swimmers who can swim full lengths unaided

We will be operating with 3 large lanes with a maximum of 8 swimmers per lan:

  • Fast Lane – customers will spend most of their session swimming front crawl, and on average will complete 25 metres in under 30 seconds 
  • Medium Lane – this lane will be for customers who undertake a variety of strokes and will regularly complete 25 metres in 30-45 seconds 
  • Slow Lane – customer is likely to do the majority of swimming breaststroke, and likely to take over 45 seconds to complete 25 metres 

From time to time lifeguards may intervene if they feel a swimmer is too slow/fast for the lane they are in and may be asked to switch lanes. Lifeguards may also intervene if the temporary guidelines aren't being adhered to as highlighted above.

Public Swim - for swimmers of all abilities

We will be offering a reduced capacity provision for non-swimmers, children, families, those wanting to use the pool for leisure use rather than fitness reasons.

  • Open pool to allow young and non-swimmers to use shallow water areas. No lanes will be used during this session.
  • There will be 6 bookable places on a public swim slot.
  • Each customer booked onto the session may bring up to 3 other swimmers with them (Payment will be required for non-members)
  • There will be anywhere between 6-24 people in the pool during these sessions to allow space for swimmers to swim safely and adhere to social distancing guidelines during the session.


Parents & Tots- Suitable for parents with very young children on a 1:1 ratio

  • 3 bookable spaces will be available for this session, maximum per booking is two adults & two children

Our timetable from time to time may change so please make sure you are using the latest version which will be available online.

Fitness classes reopening measures

As our classes have always been accessible on a booking basis, the majority of our users should now be comfortable with the booking process and the timetable. There will be some slight changes to expect:

  • Customers won't be permitted into the studio until 5 minutes prior to class start time.
  • We strongly recommend customers to bring their own exercise mat.
  • Customers will be expected to clean any of the equipment at the end of each class with the cleaning products provided.
  • Class numbers are limited to 12 people per class, so book early to avoid disappointment- Where possible we have made adjustments to the timetable to favour the more popular classes.
  • Floor markings are down and customers must remain in these areas for the duration of the class.
  • Most classes will also be live-streamed to Facebook to allow people to still take part if they are not able to book on, or are not ready to come back to the facility.

Class times may be slightly less than advertised to allow suitable time for clean down of equipment after use. Class timetable may also be subject to change, so please ensure you have the latest timetable, which will be available online.

Climbing wall reopening measures

While we know you want to get back on the climbing wall we have some bits that are a little bit different.

  • Users MUST book in on the app or online booking system to use the wall.
  • We are at limited capacity in the wall, so a maximum of 3 people per session are allowed. (1 person on the Auto-Belay, 2 people on the near side of the wall).
  • If you have it, we recommend the use of liquid chalk rather than a chalk ball.
  • Please take it easy on your first few visits and make sure you have thoroughly warmed up before climbing. Listen to your body and don't overexert yourself.