Dr Joatan (Jonny) Preis Dutra

Job: Lecturer in Media Production

Faculty: Computing, Engineering and Media

School/department: Leicester Media School

Address: Office: 6.73 Gateway House
De Montfort University
The Gateway
Leicester, LE1 9BH

T: 0116 207 8960

E: jonny.dutra@dmu.ac.uk

W: https://www.dmu.ac.uk/JonnyDutra


Personal profile

Lecturer and researcher in visual communication, user interface, interaction design and media production.

Experience in industry:
Interface design, graphic design, web, iconography, and media design with emphasis on mobile interaction with cultural spaces.

International experience:
Along with my degrees, I diversified my subject portfolio and international network by participating in several courses, conferences, training schools and workshops in different countries and institutions, with a variety of interdisciplinary subjects such as speculative design, augmented reality, games for cities, ICTs for sustainable tourism, smart cities and urban interaction design.

Research group affiliations


Publications and outputs

"Do You Speak Emoji? The language of Emojis" (2022)
Book Chapter from: The SAGE Handbook of Social Media Marketing. ISBN 978-1-52975-216-8

"Building guidelines for UNESCO world heritage sites' apps" (2020)
Conference Paper  - ACHI 2020. ISSN 2308-4138 - ISBN 978-1-61208-761-0

"INTA MOAT - a tool for governing the urban commons" (2018). Book Chapter from: Hybrid Heritagescapes as Urban Commons in Mediterranean Cities: accessing the deep-rooted spatial interfaces of cities. ISBN 978-1981237173

Informing, banning and protesting: an international journey through icons and pictograms” (2018). Journal Article: ANER: Especial Design (Originally in Portuguese)

Design Principles for Co-Creating Inclusive and Digitally Mediated Public Spaces” (2017). Book Chapter from: The making of the mediated public space  - Essays on emerging urban. ISBN 978-989-757-059-9

Cultural hARitage: Augmented Reality applied on Cultural Heritage” (2014). Conference Paper: EuroVR 2014. DOI: 10.2312/eurovr.20141349

HCI/GUI Design Applied for Adaptable Context-Aware Mobile Game” (2012). Conference Paper. CLAP Conference  - Bremen/Germany

The Hand in Digital Culture: Marcel Duchamp, Salvador Dalí and the "Immaterial" Connection” (2012). Conference Paper. CLAP Conference  - Bremen/Germany

Research interests/expertise

Being originally from the humanities field, then shifting to digital media production, created a positively interdisciplinary portfolio by combining interface, culture and technology, with emphasis on screen design and usability aspects. 

Interested in how the users can interact and navigate through context-aware information in a variety set of formats: museum applications, mobile games, mobile apps, augmented reality. Also interested in how the urban visual communication aftects and communicates with users.

Areas of teaching

@DMU: Social Media

Previous experience in teaching media and design subjects at the University of Derby (UK) and Bauhaus-University Weimar (Germany), on topics such as mobile interface design, graphic, media and web design, and icon/pictogram design.


Doctor (Dr.-Ing.) in Media (2021)
Bauhaus-University Weimar
Weimar - Germany

Master of Sciences in Digital Media (2011)
University of Bremen & Bremen University of Applied Sciences
Bremen - Germany

Master of Sciences in Multimedia Production (2006)
Kiel University of Applied Sciences
Kiel - Germany

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in History and Teaching (2002)
UFSC - Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
Florianópolis - Brazil


I see myself as a transdisciplinary researcher. Being originally from the humanities field, then shifting to design and digital media, made my academic portfolio positively interdisciplinary. In some of the research projects that I developed, I aimed to align culture and technology, with emphasis on UX/UI, screen design and usability aspects. 

Some examples:

Title: INTA MOAT: a tool for governing the urban commons
Year: 2017
Partner Institution: The Cyprus Institute – Nicosia/Cyprus
Position: Co-creator and Interface Designer
About the Project: The project main goal is enabling and facilitating citizens and visitors' better use of the Moat and the Bastions from the Venetian Walls of Nicosia/Cyprus, by an overall coherent collective use of a selection of public spaces, managed by a mobile & desktop ICT tool called “INTA MOAT”.


Title: Vale Camonica Rock Art
Year: 2015
Partner Institutions: University of Milano Bicocca – Italy, and UNESCO Chair - USI – Switzerland.
Position: Creator and Interface Designer
About the project: The proposed project was to (re)design a mobile app for the Rock Drawing in Valle Camonica, taking in consideration the touristic profile of Brescia/Lombardy region.


Title: Cultural hARitage
Years: 2014 – 2015
Partner Institutions: iMal / Connecting Cities / Urban Media Lab – Brussels/Belgium
Position: Administrator and Interface Designer
About the project: The target content for this project is a combination of augmented reality technology with cultural heritage content, from UNESCO´s World Heritage Sites to Mythology, as can be seen on the developed project on Belgium, Greece and Germany. 
Documentation: https://wiki.imal.org/project/cultural-haritage-brussels


Title: MediaCity – Digital Media & Urban Spaces
Year: 2013
Partner Institution: University at Buffalo – NY/USA
Position: Co-creator and Interface Designer
About the project:This workshop investigated the urban scene in order to identify the presence of digital media in public spaces, based on a methodology for empirical research using GPS and geo-tagging techniques to categorise items under similar characteristics and functions.


Title: StreetDroids: Context-Aware Mobile Game
Years: 2009 - 2010
Partner Institutions: Bremen University of Applied Sciences and Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences - Germany
Position: Project Management and Game Mechanics, being the responsible also for the design and navigation of the game
About the project: Conducted research in the area of mobile design and user interface for the one-year project: a context-aware mobile game with a collaborative online map editor, developed for Android Platform.


Title: IPCity StoryTelling/City Tales
Year: 2009
Partner Institution: Vienna University of Technology - Austria   
Position: Co-creator and Media production
About the project: The “City Tales" was combined with mixed reality and urban environment, where book stories were applied at the Naschmarkt (the main public market in the city) in Vienna, through mobile devices with MR Player installed.


Extra-curricular courses

Along with the PhD and Master studies, several extra activiites such as training schools and workshops were taken, with a variety of interdisciplinary research topics such as Games for Cities, ICTs for Sustainable Tourism, Smart Cities, Urban Media, Digital Media, as listed below:

  • History Takes Place – Dynamics of Urban Change: Centennial of Bauhaus, Tel Aviv, Israel - 2019
  • Speculative Futures. Workshop and Conference. Maribor, Slovenia - 2019.
  • Hybrid Heritagescapes as Urban Commons in Mediterranean Cities: accessing the deep-rooted spatial interfaces of cities. Nicosia, Cyprus - 2017
  • Co-Creating of Inclusive and Digital Mediated Public Spaces.  Lisbon, Portugal - 2017
  • Games for Cities: Cities, Public Space, Play, Circular Economy. Amsterdam, Netherlands - 2016
  • ICTs to Promote Sustainable Tourism. Milan, Italy - 2015
  • Interculturalism in historical education. Warsaw, Poland - 2015
  • From Smart Cities to Engaged Citizens. Volos, Greece - 2014
  • Connecting Cities - Urban Media Lab: cultural hARitage. Brussels, Belgium - 2014
  • UrbanIxD Summer School. Split, Croatia - 2013
  • MediaCities: Digital Media & Urban Spaces. Buffalo, NY, United States of America - 2013
  • IPCity Summer School. Vienna, Austria - 2009

These activities helped to created a interdisciplany academic network with universities and institutions spread in Europe, Americas and Middle East.