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Mr Hassan Fadel

Job: Program Manager

Faculty: Computing, Engineering and Media

School/department: School of Engineering and Sustainable Development

Address: De Montfort University, The Gateway, Leicester, LE1 9BH UK

T: +20 100 1673192



Personal profile

I received my BEng in 1997 from Cairo University where I studied communications engineering for 5 years (1992 – 1997), and then I obtained my Master (1999 – 2003) in data networks and digital communications.  I received my MEng degree in 2003 after finalising my research in VoIP QoS routing area.  In my research I have developed new technique to route the data traffic with minimal overhead signalling traffic (The Localized Multipath selection algorithm LMPS) and I have proved its performance using extensive NS2 simulations. 

I have worked with several multinational organisations like Orascom Telecom, Newbridge Networks, Siemens ICN and Nokia Siemens Networks.  I contributed in designing and implementing many projects worldwide like:

  • First Internet ATM backbone
  • KSA 1999-2001
  • IDSC (Egyptian Cabinet Information and Decision Support Center) Network 1998.
  • Egyptian ministries of agriculture, education, interior, defence and transportation 1998 – 2011.
  • Tunisia Telecom NGN network migration 2003
  • Egyptian fixed operator (TelecomEgypt) many PSTN & NGN projects 1998 – 2001.
  • Sudatel GSM network optimization.

Also my professional activities include teaching training courses in data networks & VoIP areas.

Research group affiliations

PhD student – DMU faculty of Technology 

Publications and outputs

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Key research outputs

  • K. Elsayed, H. Fadel, A. Nassar, LMPS: Localized Multi-Path Selection for QoS Routing in VoIP Networks. IFIP Networking Conference (Athens, May 2004).
  •  K. Elsayed, H. Fadel, A. Nassar, Localized Quality of Service Multi-Path Routing. The ICEEC (International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, and Computer Engineering) Cairo - Ain Shams University 2004.

Research interests/expertise

  • Quality of Service in data networks.
  • VoIP protocols and networks.
  • Next Generation Networks (NGN) models and migration scenarios from legacy networks.
  • Future internet models.



Courses taught

Commercial courses in VoIP networks, QoS, internetworking basics.


My research project studies the effect of using radio spectrum utilization techniques (like TH Transmission hyperspace™) & CRN (Cognitive Radio Networks) on the overall data network performance. Both techniques are used to allow higher and better utilization of the available radio spectrum. However, using such techniques, to optimize the radio channel, may have a direct (positive or negative) impact on the fixed part of the network. This project aims to investigate the interplay of fixed and radio networks during channel optimization and develop additional approaches to ensuring overall network efficiency and robustness. The investigations will show the impact of using the spectrum utilization techniques on overall network performance and QoS (Quality of Service).

The OPNET software has been used as part of the research.