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Dr Fabio Caraffini

Job: Associate Professor

Faculty: Computing, Engineering and Media

School/department: School of Computer Science and Informatics

Research group(s): Institute of Artificial Intelligence - Centre for Computational Intelligence (CCI)

Address: De Montfort University, The Gateway, Leicester, LE1 9BH

T: +44 (0)116 2078404



Social Media:


Personal profile

I am Associate Professor (Research & Innovation) in Computer Science at De Montfort University (DMU) within the Institute of Artificial Intelligence of the School of Computer Science and Informatics.

I hold a PhD in Computer Science (De Montfort University, UK, 2014) and in Mathematical Information Technology (University of Jyväskylä, Finland, 2016) and my research is about Computational Intelligence, with a strong emphasis on Evolutionary Computing. I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA)  I  currently am the:

  • Institute Head of Reserch Students of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence (IAI);
  • programe leader of MSc Intelligence Systems (IS);
  • programme leader of MSc Intelligence Systems & Robotics (ISR);

and the module leader of the:

  • IMAT1225 Mathematical Analysis II module (programme of Mathematics);
  • IMAT5232 Computational Intelligence Optimisation module (programmes of  IS/ISR).


Publications and outputs

Key research outputs

  • F. Caraffini, F. Neri, G. Iacca, and A. Mol. Parallel memetic structures. Information Sciences 227(0):60 – 82, 2013
  • F. Caraffini, F. Neri, and L. Picinali. An analysis on separability for memetic computing automatic design. Information Sciences, 265(0):1 – 22, 2014
  • Fabio Caraffini, Anna V. Kononova, David Corne, Infeasibility and structural bias in differential evolution, Information Sciences, Volume 496, 2019, Pages 161-179, ISSN 0020-0255.
  • F. Caraffini, G. Iacca. The SOS Platform: Designing, Tuning and Statistically Benchmarking Optimisation Algorithms. Mathematics. 2020; 8(5):785.
  • J. Florez-Lozano, F. Caraffini, C. Parra, M. Gongora. Cooperative and distributed decision-making in a multi-agent perception system for improvised land mines detection. Information Fusion (2020).

Research interests/expertise

Computational Intelligence with a focus on Metaheuristic optimisation: 

  • Memetic computing
  • Differential evolution
  • Evolutionary conputation
  • Large scale optimisation
  • Structural bias in optimisation algorithms

Mchine learning, Data Mining and AI for:

  • precision agriculture
  • remote sensing
  • optimal use of land
  • medical applications
  • society enhancment

Areas of teaching

  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science


  • Certificate in Research Supervision (CRS)
  • Beginning to teach in Higher Education
  • PGCertHE (Distinction)
  • Fellow of the Higher Eduction Academy (FHEA)

Courses taught

IMAT2800 AI and Modelling

IMAT2605 C++ for Games Programmers

IMAT1203 Mathematical Methods and Models

IMAT1901 Quantitative Methods

IMAT1204 Foundations and Algebra

Honours and awards

  • 2016 Publons 'Sentinel of Science' top reviewer award for Computer Science
  • 2016 Publons 'Sentinel of Science' top reviewer award  for Mathematics
  • Jan-June 2015 Jyväskylä Grant for Computing and Mathematical Sciences [10250 EUR]
  • Jan-June 2012 Jyväskylä Grant for Computing and Mathematical Sciences [10250 EUR]
  • April 2013 IEEE CIS outstnding Student Travel Grant 2013 [500 USD]
  • April 2013 Laxton Bequest and Consolidated Travel Funds (DMU) [800 GBP]
  • Jul 2012-Jun 2014 PhD bursary (De Montfort university) [26K GBP] May-Sep 2011
  • TUCEP Fund for International Internships [2500 EUR]

Membership of external committees

  • Task Force on Memetic Computing
  • IEEE Computational Intelligence Society, 2012 today, Member
  • Advisory committee memeber of IEEE ICIERA-2021

Membership of professional associations and societies

  • IEEE, 2012 - today
  • IEEE CIS, 2012 - today

Conference attendance

  • EvoApplications at Evo*2017-2018 [auhor and presenter]
  • IEEE SSCI 2014, 9th-12th December 2014, Orlando, Florida [co-chair and author]
  • IEEE SSCIS 2013, 16th-19th April 2013, Singapore [author and presenter]
  • UKCI 2012, 5th-7th September 2012, Edinburgh, UK [author and presenter]
  • IEEE WCCI 2020, 19 - 24th July, 2020, Glasgow (UK) [co-chair and author]
  • PPSN 2020, Leident, The Nethrelands, September 5-9, 2020 [author]

Current research students

Mr Matthew Fox (2nd supervisor)

Externally funded research grants information

  • Newton-Fund Royal Academy of Engineering grant [50k GBP] (webpage

Internally funded research project information

  • GCRF competition 2018/2019 (DMU) [23.5K GBP] (webpage)

Professional esteem indicators

Invited talks:

  • Optimisation Applications in Engineering (Nov 2018, EIA University, Colombia)
  • Metaheuristic Optimisation: from theory to tool implementation (Nov 2018, EIA)

I have been invited to join the programme committee os several conference and the editorial boead of journlas. Details are available in my public CV (PDF). 

PhD completions

  • Dr Johana Florez-Lozano, Pontifical Xavierian University, 14/11/2019
  • Raymond Moodly, De Montfort University, 17/01/2020
  • Dinesh Mothi 2020, De Montfort University, 19/06/2020