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Dr Linda Bengtstrom

Job: Lecturer in Analytical Forensic Chemistry

School/department: Leicester School of Pharmacy

Address: De Montfort University, The Gateway, Leicester, LE1 9BH

T: +44 (0)116 250 6058



Personal profile

Dr Linda Bengtström’s main research interests and expertise are in the following areas:

  • Analytical chemistry of drugs and drugs of abuse in biological matrices
  • Forensic toxicology
  • Drug metabolism
  • Development of analytical methods based on UPLC-MS/MS and UPLC-TOF
  • LC-MS/MS
  • GC-MS/MS
  • Fire toxicity
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of food contaminants

“My main research interest is in isolating and detecting small organic compounds associated with adverse health effects or abuse in complex biological matrices.

I have a broad interdisciplinary educational background within the fields of forensic genetics and forensic medicine, and I have an excellent in depth knowledge of the fields of analytical chemistry and forensic toxicology. Additionally, I have experience from larger interdisciplinary studies in analytical chemistry and toxicology as well as forensic toxicology and biomedical research. Moreover, I am experienced in identifying known and unknown compounds using hyphenated high resolution or low resolution mass spectrometry instruments.”

Key research outputs

  • An effect-directed strategy for characterizing emerging chemicals in food contact materials made from paper and board
    AK Rosenmai, L Bengtström, C Taxvig, X Trier, JH Petersen, T Svingen, ...
    Food and Chemical Toxicology
  • Non-targeted screening for contaminants in paper and board food-contact materials using effect-directed analysis and accurate mass spectrometry
    L Bengtström, AK Rosenmai, X Trier, LK Jensen, K Granby, AM Vinggaard, ...
    Food Additives & Contaminants: Part A 33 (6), 1080-1093
  • Fractionation of extracts from paper and board food contact materials for in vitro screening of toxicity
    L Bengtström, X Trier, K Granby, AK Rosenmai, JH Petersen
    Food Additives & Contaminants: Part A 31 (7), 1291-1300 
  • Chemical identification of contaminants in paper and board food contact materials
    L Bengtström
    Technical University of Denmark, PhD thesis
  • The role of isocyanates in fire toxicity
    L Bengtström, M Salden, AA Stec
    Fire Science Reviews 5 (1)

Areas of teaching

  • Forensic Chemistry
  • Drugs of Abuse
  • Forensic Chemical Pathology
  • Fire, Arson and Explosives

Courses taught

  • FSCI1011 Forensic Chemistry
  • FSCI1050 Essentials of Forensic Investigations
  • FSCI2030 Drugs of Abuse
  • FSCI2040 Forensic Analytical Chemistry (Molecules Have Fingerprints Too!)
  • FSCI3020 Fire Arson & Explosion
  • FSCI3050 Forensic Chemical Pathology

Membership of professional associations and societies

The Danish Society for Mass Spectrometry (DSMS)

Conference attendance

Oral presentations

  • “Chemicals in food packaging materials – Identification of extractables and leachables”. Invited speaker at the Waters Extractables & Leachables/Non-intentionally added substances seminar and workshop, Copenhagen, May, 2016.

  • “Chemicals in food packaging materials - Identification and toxicological profiling”. Invited speaker at the Safefood Biotoxins Knowledge Network and Irish Society of Toxicology Annual Conference 2015 in Belfast, UK, June 2015

  • “Bioassay guided identification of chemicals in paper and board food contact materials with toxicological effects”. Invited speaker at the 4th International Fresenius Conference “Residues of Food Contact Materials in Food”, Cologne, Germany, March 2015

  • “Migration of polyfluorinated compounds from food packaging into food products”. Presented at 4th International Nordfluor Workshop (NECC2012), Åbo/Turku, Finland, 2012


  • “The role of isocyanates in fire toxicity”, Linda Bengtström, Mariëlle Salden, Anna A. Stec. Presented at Fire Toxicity Conference, Preston, UK, 2016

  • “Extraction method for the collection of volatile organic compounds in paper and cardboard food packaging materials”. Linda Bengtström, Xenia Trier, Kit Granby, Jens Højslev Petersen. Presented at ILSI, 5th International Symposium on Food Packaging, Berlin, Germany, 2012

  •  “Analysis of migration of polyfluorinated compounds from paper packaging into food matrices”. Linda Bengtström, Mette Regitze von Barner, Gitte Alsing-Pedersen, Kit Granby, Xenia Trier.  Presented at 4th International Nordfluor Workshop (NECC2012), Åbo/Turku, Finland, 2012.

  • “Characterization and biodegradation of two technical mixtures of side-chain fluorinated acryl copolymers” Christian Eschauzier, Xenia Trier, Linda Bengtström, Tobias Frömel, Pim de Voogt, Thomas P. Knepper. Presented at 4th International Workshop: Per- and Perfluorinated Alkyl Substances, Analysis - Fate - Human Exposure – Regulation, Idstein, Germany, 2012

Case studies

  • “Identifcering af potentielle hormonforstyrrende stoffer i fødevareemballager”, article in Dansk Kemi, nr 1, 2016 

  • ”Pizzakartonger – är de skadliga?” (Pizza boxes – are they unsafe?) Radio interview, Morrongänget, Göteborg (20/10-15) 

  • What’s poppin’ in Denmark? Popcorn with safer packaging -

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