Dr Zheng Wang

Job: Associate Professor - Research/Reader

School/department: Leicester Castle Business School

Address: Hugh Aston Building, De Montfort University.

T: +44 (0)116 207 8015

E: zheng.wang@dmu.ac.uk

W: http://zhengwang.weebly.com


Personal profile

Zheng is an economist working in the fields of trade, development, and political economy. He joined De Montfort University in 2016 as Reader in Economics. Previously, he worked as Lecturer in Economics in the University of Hull (2013-2016) and Assistant Professor in Economics in the University of Nottingham Ningbo China (2012-2013). He earned his PhD in Economics from the University of Nottingham, and both PhD and BA degrees in economics from Zhejiang University (China). He is an external fellow at the GEP research centre in Nottingham, a senior member of the ESRC Peer Review College, and a fellow of the Higher Education Academy. In his spare time, Zheng is enthusiastic about learning about different cultures in the world.

Research group affiliations

Institute of Applied Economics and Social Value (DMU), Globalisation and Economic Policy Centre (U of Nottingham)

Research interests/expertise

Trade, development, political economy

Areas of teaching

International Economics, Business Economics, Policy Evaluation



Courses taught

International Trade, Econometric Methods of Programme Evaluation, Current Issues in Business Economics, Topics in Applied Economics, Macroeconomic Theory

Honours and awards

OSCAR Award in Excellence in Research Supervision (DMU), OSCAR Award in Research Excellence (nomination, DMU), Vice-Chancellor’s Achievement Award (Nottingham)

Membership of external committees

Senior Member, ESRC Peer Review College, 2015 -

External Research Fellow, GEP, University of Nottingham, 2013 -

External Tutor, Baochuta Primary School, Hangzhou, China, 2014 - 

Membership of professional associations and societies

Royal Economic Society (2018-2019), European Economic Association (2009-2010), Canadian Economic Association (2016-2017)

Professional licences and certificates

FHEA (UK HEA), Certified Management & Busines Educator (UK CABS). University Teacher Certificate (Ministry of Education, China)


(1) Global talent flows, (2) Globalisation and pandemics, (3) Political tensions and trade barriers, (4) Environmental regulations and international trade

Conference attendance

2020: Zhejiang University (China), Ningbo University (China).

2018: Tongji University (Shanghai, China), Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (Shanghai, China). Scheduled: ETSG (Warsaw, Poland), University of Göttingen (Germany).

2017: Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (Shanghai, China), Shanghai University of International Business and Economics (Shanghai, China), Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics (Hangzhou, China),  Zhejiang University (Hangzhou, China), ETSG (Florence, Italy).

2016: Fudan University (Shanghai, China), Shanghai University of International Business and Economics (Shanghai, China), Zhejiang Sci-Tech University (Hangzhou, China), University of Dundee (Dundee, UK).

2015: Nottingham Trent (Nottingham, UK), Shanghai University of International Business and Economics (Shanghai, China).

2014: INFER (Loughborough, UK)

2013: Hull University Business School (Hull, UK), Aston Business School (Birmingham, UK), ETSG Conference (Birmingham, UK), University of Nottingham Ningbo *2 (China), Zhejiang University (Hangzhou, China).

2012: RES PhD Meeting (Queen Mary, London, UK), University of East Anglia (Norwich, UK), GEP Internal Research Workshop (Nottingham, UK), University of Otago (New Zealand), GEP Postgraduate Conference (Nottingham, UK), GEP Conference (Ningbo, China)

2011: ETSG Conference (Copenhagen, Denmark), CEPII-PSE Workshop (Paris, France), GEP Postgraduate Conference (Nottingham, UK)

2010: Zhejiang University (Hangzhou, China), GEP Conference (Ningbo, China), CESifo/GEP Conference (Munich, Germany), GEP Internal Research Workshop (Nottingham, UK), CAED/COST Conference (London, UK), ETSG Conference (Lausanne, Switzerland), University of Oxford (Oxford, UK), GEP Postgraduate Conference (Nottingham, UK)

2009: GEP Internal Research Workshop (Nottingham, UK)

2008: Peking University (China)

2007: Shenzhen University (China), Zhejiang University (China), University of Nottingham (UK)

2006: Wuhan University (China), Tsinghua University (China), Zhejiang University (China), Nanjing University of Science and Technology (China)

2005: Xiamen University (China), Harbin University of Commerce (China)

Recent research outputs

"The Impact of Export VAT Rebates on Employment and Wage: Evidence from China" (with B. Gao and J. Ma). Review of World Economics, https://doi.org/10.1007/s10290-020-00400-3

"Risk Perceptions and Risk Management Approaches of Chinese Overseas Investors: An Empirical Investigation'' (with S. Ullah, P. Stokes, and W. Xiao), Research in International Business and Finance, 2019, 47, 470-486.

"Quantity Restrictions and Price Adjustment of Chinese Textile Exports to the US" (with D. Bernhofen and R. Upward), The World Economy, 2018, 41(11), 2983-3000.

"Does the US EXIM Bank Really Promote US Exports?" (with N. Agarwal), The World Economy, 2018, 41(5), 1378-1414.

​"Aid for Trade and the Quality of Exports" (with M. Xu), Applied Economics Letters, 2018, 25(10), 668-673.

"Who Gets Caught for Corruption When Corruption is Pervasive? Evidence from China's Anti-Bribery Blacklist" (with L. Zhou and Z. Jin), Applied Economics Letters, 2017, 24(4), 258-263.

"Volatility and Diversification of Exports: Firm-Level Theory and Evidence" (with G. Vannoorenberghe and Z. Yu), European Economic Review, 2016, 8, 216-247.

"Quota Restrictions and Intra-Firm Reallocations: Evidence from Chinese Exports to the US" (with R. Upward), ​Economics Letters, 2016, 144, 71-74.

"From One to Many Central Plans: Drug Advertising Inspections and Intra-National Protectionism in China" (with M. Eberhardt and Z. Yu), Journal of Comparative Economics, 2016, 44(3), 608-622.

"The Rise and Fall of (Chinese) African Apparel Exports" (with L. Rotunno and P.-L. Vézina), Journal of Development Economics, 2013, 105, 152-163. Covered by Financial Times and Daily Maverick. 

"Weighing China's Export Basket: The Domestic Content and Technology Intensity of Chinese Exports" (with R. Upward and J. Zheng), Journal of Comparative Economics, 2013, 41(2), 527-543. 

"Trading Partners, Traded Products, and Firm Performances of China’s Exporter–Importers: Does Processing Trade Make a Difference?" (with Z. Yu), The World Economy, 2012, 35(12), 1795-1824.

"Industrial Productivity Performance in Chinese Regions: A Decomposition Approach" (with J. Zheng and J. Shi), Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies, 2008, 6(2), 157-175.

"Performance of Industrial Productivity across Regions of China" (with J. Zheng and J. Shi), Frontiers of Economics in China, 2007, 2(3), 324-345.

Consultancy work

International Trade, Trade Policy, Chinese Economy

Current research students

Joint supervisor: Qiyue Zhang, Andrews Darko, Nhan Le. Second supervisor: Georgios Kitsoleris, Zenas Azuma, Samuel Odewunmi, Miguel Moniz

Externally funded research grants information

"Understanding the Gravity of Talent through the Lens of International Business-Class Air Travels", PI, British Academy/Leverhulme Trust, 2020-2022.
"International Trade, Environmental Regulation, and Environmental Quality: Evidence from China'', CI, Natural Science Foundation of China, 2020-2023.

Internally funded research project information

Small Research Grant, University of Nottingham, 2012-2013.

Professional esteem indicators

Reviewer for ESRC, ESRC/DFID China Africa Research Programme, Regional Studies, The World Economy, Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies.

ORCID number