Dr Seun Kolade

Job: Associate Professor/Reader in Entrepreneurship and International Development & Associate Head International

Faculty: Business and Law

School/department: Leicester Castle Business School

Research group(s): Centre for Enterprise and Innovation

Address: De Montfort University, The Gateway, Leicester, LE1 9BH

T: +44 (0)116 257 7358

E: seun.kolade@dmu.ac.uk

W: https://www.dmu.ac.uk


Personal profile

Dr Seun Kolade is an Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship and International Development and Associate Head International at Department of Management and Entrepreneurship at De Montfort University. Prior to joining DMU in January 2018, he held research and teaching positions at London South Bank University, University of Wolverhampton, and Loughborough University.

With a background in engineering and a PhD in International Development, Seun’s research activities cover the broad areas of transformative entrepreneuring, digital transformation, social capital, entrepreneurship education and SMEs’ innovation in turbulent environments, agricultural innovations, and post-disaster preparedness and response.

He has published peer-reviewed articles in reputable journals, chaired and convened conferences, panels, workshops and presented his works at various international fora.

Seun is also regular blogger and has engaged publicly via several media, including, newspapers, TV shows and social media platforms, on issues relating to poverty, youth unemployment and inclusive development.

Research group affiliations

Centre for Enterprise and Innovation (CEI)

Institute of Applied Economics and Social Value (IAESV)


Publications and outputs

Kolade, O. and Owoseni, A. (2022) ‘Employment 5.0: The work of the future and the future of work’, Technology in Society. Elsevier Ltd, 71(November), p. 102086. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.techsoc.2022.102086.

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Research interests/expertise

Entrepreneurship education

Transformative entrepreneuring

Cooperatives and social capital

Spiritual Caital

SMEs innovation in turbulent environment

Agricultural value chains

Digital transformation

Post-disaster preparedness and response

Areas of teaching

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

International Business

Globalisation and International Development

Global Operations and Supply Chain Management


PhD International Development, 2013 (London South Bank University)

Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education/Fellow of Higher Education Academy, 2008 (University College London)

MSc. Civil Engineering, 2004 (University of Ibadan, Nigeria)

BSc. Civil Engineering, 2001 (University of Ibadan, Nigeria)

Courses taught

 2018- Date: CORP 3543 Contemporary Business Issues (3rd Year Undergraduate)

2018-Date: CORP2551  Global Operations and Supply Change Management (2nd Year Undergraduate)

2018: CORP2181 Business Research Issues and Analysis (2nd Year Undergraduate)

Membership of external committees

Journal reviewer for:

  • World Development
  • Entrepreneurship and Regional Development
  • International Journal of Management Education
  • Critical Perspectives in International Business
  • African Journal of Science, Innovation and Development (AJSTID)
  • Science and Public Policy
  • International Journal of Management Practice
  • Cogent Business and Management
  • Journal of Destination Marketing and Management
  • Africa Journal of Management

Conference panel convenor for:

  • Development Studies Association Annual Conference 2017 (panel title: land use conflicts in sub-Saharan Africa: innovative pathways to sustainable solutions)
  • Development Studies Association Annual Conference 2018 (panel title:Entrepreneurial resilience and innovation in turbulent environments)

Conference paper reviewer for:

  • British Academy of Management (Entrepreneurship Stream) - 2016
  • Development Studies Association - 2017
  • Academy of Management (Entrepreneurship Stream) - 2018

Peer reviewer for council/funding bodies:

  • Member, ESRC Peer Reviewer College - from 2018
  • Peer Reviewer, Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) 

Membership of professional associations and societies

Fellow, Higher Education Academy, UK - from 2008

Member, Development Studies Association - from 2012

Member, British Academy of Management - 2016

Member, Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship- from 2018

Professional licences and certificates

Certified Management and Business Educator (CMBE)- The Chartered Association of Business Schools.

Senior Fellow of Higher Education Academy (SFHEA)- Advance HE


Picking up the pieces: social capital, human capital and coping strategies of households displaced by Boko Haram insurgency in Northeast Nigeria.

Spiritual capital and entrepreneurial resilience in a turbulent environment.

South Africa Innovation Support System.

RE-skilling Businesses for new OpportUNities in the Covid-19 lanDscape (REBOUND).

Consultancy work

Executive Training

Entrepreneurship education/skill training

Start-ups/business incubation

Rural business

Post-disaster/conflict management

Researcher development and skill training

Current research students


Tracy Luseno (Full Time). Social capital, structural holes and entrepreneurship: a study of refugee entrepreneurship in Kenya (1st Supervisor).

Adebowale Adeyeye (Full Time). Agricultural value chain optimisation in turbulent economies (1st Supervisor).

Catherine Oginni (Full Time). Integration of technology transfer and knowledge management model into public-private partnerships in the power sector in Nigeria (1st Supervisor).

 Ayodele Osunmakinde (Full Time). The Role of Spiritual capital in Social Entrepreneurship in Nigeria (1st Supervisor). 

Amina Chitembo (Full Time). Migrant Women's Self- Inclusion into Leadership: An Exploration Self-Imposed Barriers Limiting Migrant Women's Access to Leadership Opportunities (2nd Supervisor).

Silifat Okoya (Full Time). Children's access to universal basic education in Nigeria: the role of state and non-state actors (2nd Supervisor). 

Oyerinmade Oladejo (Full Time). The Impact of Institutional Environment on Financial Inclusion amongst Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Nigeria (2nd Supervisor).

Reza Eslamipoor (Full Time). Global Production Network and Emission Control Targets. (2nd Supervisor).

Externally funded research grants information

Co-Investigator: EPSRC DIDA- Digital Innovations for Transitioning to a Circular plastic Economy in Africa - (DITCh Plastic). Value: £146,238.49

Co-Investigator: British Council Innovation for African Universities- DMU Circular Plastic Economy Innovation Hub. Value: £100,000

Internally funded research project information

1. Principal Investigator: “Hard pressed, pressing hard”: social capital, spiritual capital and entrepreneurial strategies in turbulent environments” (March 2018)- DMU BAL Faculty Seed Corn Funding 2017/2018 round, 1st Place Winner. Value: £5,000

2. Principal Investigator: Going off the beaten path: an exploratory study of new models of SME financing, market strategies and women-led enterprises in Africa (November 2018) . DMU-BAL/CEI Research Fund. Value: £6,000

3. Principal Investigator: Picking up the Pieces: Social Capital, Human Capital and Coping Strategies of Households Displaced by the Boko Haram Insurgency in Northeast Nigeria (February 2019)- QR-GCRF Fund. Value: £23,590.

4. Principal Investigator: DMU- Global SDG Fellowship (July 2019). Value: £10,975

5. 1st Supervisor: Social capital, structural holes and entrepreneurship: a study of refugee entrepreneurship in Kenya (2018-2021)- PhD Scholarship for Tracy Luseno. Value: £37,500. 

6. Principal Investigator: RE-skilling Businesses for nnew OpportUNities in the Covid-19 lanDscape (REBOUND) (2020-2021). Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF) Knowledge Exchange Grant (+ CEI support). Value: £8,750.

Professional esteem indicators

Founding Coordinator, CEI African Entrepreneurship Cluster

Convenor/Founder, African Scholars Forum

ORCID number

PhD Completions

I have successfully supervised the following PhDs to completion:

1. Adam, Hurso Alhaji Kaka (2018). The Politics of Natural Resources Governance in Africa: Environment, Conflict and Security Nexus in Nigeria's Niger Delta Region. PhD Thesis, London South Bank University School of Law and Social Sciences https://doi.org/10.18744/PUB.002731

2. Islam, Md. Zahidul (2018). Resourcing For Post-Disaster Housing Reconstruction: The Case Of Cyclones Sidr And Aila In Bangladesh. PhD Thesis, London South Bank University School of Law and Social Sciences https://doi.org/10.18744/LSBU.002960

3. Lewis, Aran (2021). An assessment of humanitarian intervention based on case studies by thematic analysis of debates on Libya and Syria in the British House of Commons, 2010-2014. PhD Thesis, London South Bank University School of Law and Social Sciences. https://doi.org/10.18744/lsbu.8xq35

Previous teaching experience

2017-2018: Lecturer, Principles of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Postgraduate Module at Loughborough University London).

2017-2018: Tutor, Innovation Management (Postgraduate Module at Loughborough University London). 

2017-2018: Visiting Lecturer, Strategic Management (Third-year Undergraduate Module at the University of Wolverhampton).

2015-2018: Module Leader, Contemporray Issues in Development (Postgraduate Module at London South Bank University).

2015-2018; Module Leader, Economies in Transition (Postgraduate Module at London South Bank University).