Dr Samsul Alam

Job: Associate Professor (Research)

Faculty: Business and Law

School/department: Leicester Castle Business School

Address: De Montfort University, The Gateway, Leicester, LE1 9BH

T: +44 (0)116 257 7194

E: samsul.alam@dmu.ac.uk

W: https://www.dmu.ac.uk


Personal profile

Dr Samsul Alam is currently working as an Associate Professor (Research) and Faculty Lead for Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF) in the Faculty of Business & Law, De Montfort University. He is a leading expert with experience in creating real-world impact around his research areas: Financial Economics, Green Finance, Tourism Finance, Business Sustainability, and Corporate Governance. His research has received an amazing response across academic and general public forums. One of his recent research papers has been featured and highlighted in more than 50 international news outlets around the world, including Forbes, Yahoo News!, The Guardian and The Telegraph. He has published in top tier journals, including Journal of Corporate Finance (JCF), Annals of Tourism Research (ATR), Journal of Travel Research (JTR), Journal of Business Ethics (JBE), Energy Economics (EE), Business Strategy and the Environment (BSE), Energy Policy (EP), Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment and Emerging Markets Review. Besides these academic papers, Samsul has a wide range of experience of external engagement. He also secured a number of competitive research grants in the areas of climate finance and sustainability. Considering his outstanding performance in research activities and leadership, he has been awarded the winner of the university-wide Oscar Award: Outstanding Contribution to Research Excellence (2019) at De Montfort University. Prior to this, he has also been awarded the winner of Oscar Award for Research Excellence: Most Inspirational Researcher for Faculty of Business & Law, De Montfort University.

Samsul has a broad range of teaching experience on-campus settings and online (both Bachelor and Master level). His teaching experience includes: delivering lectures, designing and collaborating course profiles, and supervising students. He worked as a module leader for a wide range of finance, economics, and business courses. Samsul is also actively engaged with the supervision of both Master and PhD level students.

Publications and outputs

1. Atif, M. Hossain, M., Alam, M.S., & Georgen, M. (2020). Women on Board: Does Gender Diversity Affects Renewable Energy Consumption? Journal of Corporate Finance (ABS – 4, ABDC-A*)

2. Alam, M.S., Paramatai, S.& Apergise, N., & Fangi, C. (2020). The impacts of R&D investment and stock markets on clean energy consumption and CO2 emissions in OECD economies. International Journal of Finance & Economics (ABS-3)

3. Atif, M., Alam M.S., & Hossain, M (2020). Firm Sustainable Investment: Are Female Directors Greener? Business Strategy and The Environment (ABS-3, ABDC-A)

4. Alam M.S., Islam, M.S., Jawad, M. & Shazia, B (2020). Rapid Rise of Life Expectancy in Bangladesh: Does Financial Development Matter? Journal of Finance and Economics (ABS-3)

5. Alam, M.S., Jawad, M & Roman, F. (2019). Causal flows between oil and FX markets using high-frequency data: Asymmetries from good and bad volatilities. Energy Economics (ABS -3, ABDC-A*)

6. Alam M.S., Ali.S., Naceur K., & Shahzad S.J.H. (2019). Time-varying causal nexuses between economic growth and CO2 emissions in G-7 countries: A bootstrap rolling window approach over 1820–2015. International Journal of Finance and Economics (ABS-3).

7. Paramati, S.R, Alam, M.S., & Lau C.K. (2018). Economic and Environmental Benefits from Tourism Investment in the EU. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, (ABS – 3, ABDC-A*)

8. Alam, M.S., Atif, M., Chu, C-C., & Soytas, U. (2019). Does Corporate R&D Improve Firm Environmental Performance? Energy Economics (ABS – 3, ABDC-A*) 

9. Hossain, M., Islam, T. Momin, M. Nahar, S, & Alam, M.S. (2018)Understanding Communication of Sustainability Reporting: Application of Symbolic Convergence Theory (SCT), Journal of Business Ethics, (ABS-3, ABDC-A) 

10. Alam, M.S., Selva, S., Saroja, S. & Hossain, M (2018). Determinants of Apparel Exports in Major Exporters. Applied Economics(ABS-2, ABDC-A)

11. Paramati, S. Alam M.S., Shawkat, H. & Hafeez, K.  Long-run Relationship between R&D Investment and Environmental Sustainability: Evidence from the European Union Member Countries. International Journal of Finance & Economics (ABS-3)

12. Alam, M.S., Selva, S., Saroja, S & Hossain, M (2018). Apparel Industry in the Post-MFA— A Review. Review of Development Economics (ABS – 2)

13. Alam, M.S., Mia, D., Tiwari, A.K., & Shawkat, H (2018). The Nexus between Access to Electricity and Labour Productivity in Developing Countries. Energy Policy (ABS-2, ABDC-A)

14. Paramati, S.R., Alam, M.S., & Apergis, N. (2018). Do the Stock Markets Decrease CO2 Emissions in Developed and Emerging Market Economies? Emerging Market Review(ABS-2, ABDC-A)

15. Alam, M.S., & Paramati, S.R. (2017). The dynamic role of tourism investment on tourism development and CO2emissions. Annals of Tourism Research (ABS-4, ABDC-A*

16. Alam, M.S., & Paramati, S.R. (2017). The Impact of Tourism on Income Inequality in Developing Economies: Does Kuznets Hypothesis Exist. Annals of Tourism Research, 61,111-126 (ABS-4, ABDC-A*) 

17. Paramati, S.R., Alam, M.S., & Chen C-F (2016). The Effects of Tourism on Economic Growth and CO2Emissions: A Comparison between Developed and Developing Economies. Journal of Travel Research, 56(6), 712-724 (ABS-4, ABDC-A*) 

18. Paramati, S. R., Shahbaz, M. & Alam, M. S. (2016). Does Tourism Degrade Environmental Quality? A Comparative Study of Eastern and Western European Union? Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment (ABS-3, ABDC-A

19. Alam, M.S., Selva, S., & Saroja, S. (2016). Determinants of the Bangladesh Garment Exports in the Post-MFA Environment. Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy 22(2), 330-352. (Excellence in Research for Australia – A

20. Alam, M.S., Paramati, S.R., Shahbaz, M., & Bhattacharya, M. (2016). Natural Gas, Trade and Sustainable Growth: Empirical Evidence from the Top Gas Consumers of the Developing World. Applied Economics49 (7), 635-649 (ABS-2, ABDC-A)

21. Alam, M. S., Shahbaz, M., & Paramati, S. R. (2015). The Role of Financial Development and Economic Misery on Life Expectancy: Evidence from Post-Financial Reforms in India. Social Indicators Research128 (2), 481-497 (ABDC – A) 

22. Alam, M. S., & Paramati, S. R. (2015). Do Oil Consumption and Economic Growth Intensify Environmental Degradation? Evidence from Developing Economies. Applied Economics, 47(48), 5186–5203 (ABS-2, ABDC-A) 

23. Alam, M. S., Raza, S. A., Shahbaz, M., & Abbas, Q. (2015). Accounting for Contribution of Trade Openness and Foreign Direct Investment in Life Expectancy: The Long-Run and Short-Run Analysis in Pakistan. Social Indicators Research129 (3), 1155–1170 (ABDC – A)

24. Alam, M. S., & Natsuda, K. (2015). The Competitive Factors of the Bangladeshi Garment Industry in the Post-MFA Era. Canadian Journal of Development Studies, 1–21(ABDC – B)

Research interests/expertise

Financial Economics, Tourism Finance (Economics), Environmental Finance (Economics), Corporate Governance, and Business Sustainability.

Areas of teaching

Financial Institution Management, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Corporate Finance, Managerial Finance, Money, Banking & Finance, and International Finance and Trade. 


PhD from Griffith Business School, Griffith University, Australia.

Courses taught

Financial Institution Management, Financial Markets and Central Bank, Economics for Decision Making, Economics for Financial Institution, Microeconomics, Real Estate Finance, Business Data Analysis.

Honours and awards

  • Oscar Award: Outstanding Contribution to Research Excellence (2019) for De Montfort University 
  • Oscar Award for Research Excellence: Most Inspirational Researcher (2019) for Faculty of Business & Law, De Montfort University
  • First Runner-up for 3 Minute Thesis Competition, Griffith Business School, Griffith University, Australia
  • Young Leader Fellowship
  • Andomomofuku Scholarship 
  • JASSO Scholarship
  • Griffith University Postgraduate Research Scholarship Award 

Current research students

Currently supervising a number of PhD and Masters Thesis