Professor Rob Baggott

Job: Professor

Faculty: Business and Law

School/department: Leicester Castle Business School

Research group(s): Health Policy Research Unit

Address: De Montfort University, The Gateway, Leicester, LE1 9BH.

T: +44 (0)116 257 7789




Personal profile

Rob Baggott is Professor of Public Policy at De Montfort University.His expertise is in the field of health policy, the NHS, public health, and patient and public involvement. He was previously the Director of the Health Policy Research Unit, between 1999 and 2017.

Research group affiliations

Local Governance Research Centre

Health Policy Research Unit  

Key research outputs

Baggott, R. and G. Lambie (2017) Enticing Case Study or Celebrated Anomaly? Policy learning from the Cuban health system. International Journal of Health Planning and Management. 33(1), 212-234.

Baggott, R. and K Jones (2018) Representing Whom? Health Consumer and Patients’ Organisations in the Policy Process. Journal of Bioethical Inquiry. 15(3), 341-49.

Baggott, R. and G. Lambie (2018) Hard Currency, Solidarity and Soft Power: the motives, implications and lessons of Cuban Health Internationalism. International Journal of Health Services. 49(1)165-85.

Baggott, R., and Jones. K.,  (2014)‘The Voluntary Sector and Health Policy: the role of national level health consumer and patients’ organisations in the UK Social Science and Medicine 123, first published on line 8 July, p. 202–9.

Baggott, R.  and Jones, K.  (2015)‘Big Society in an age of austerity: threats and opportunities for Health Consumer and Patients' Organizations in England’ Health Expectations 18(6)  p. 2164–2173, first published on line March 2014.

Understanding Health Policy, 2nd edition, Policy Press

Baggott, R.(2013) Partnerships for Public Health and Wellbeing, Palgrave Macmilla.

Tanner, J., Padley, W., Leaper, D., Keirnan. M, Norrie, P., Baggott, R et al. (2013) A benchmark too far: findings from a national survey of surgical site infection surveillance. Journal of Hospital Infection, 83 (2), pp. 87-91.

Baggott, R. ‘Policy Success and Public Health: the case of public health in England Journal of Social Policy, 2012, 41, 2, 391-408.

Anthony, D., R. Baggott, J.Tanner, K, Jones et al (2012) ‘Health, Lifestyle Belief and Knowledge Differences between two ethnic groups with specific reference to tobacco, diet and physical activity’ Journal of Advanced Nursing 68(11), 2496, 2505

Baggott R and K Jones (2011) Patients’ Groups in the UK: recent developments’, in Lofgren, H. and van de Leeuw, E. (eds) (2011) Democratising Health: Health Consumer Groups in the Policy Process (London, Edward Elgar).

Baggott, R., and Jones, K. (2011) ‘Prevention better than cure? Health Consumer and Patients’ Organisations and Public Health’, 2011, Social Science and Medicine 73(4), 530-4.

Public Health: Policy and Politics, (2nd edition), Palgrave Macmillan, (2010)

Baggott, R. (2010)  ‘A Modern Approach to an Old Problem: Alcohol Policy and New Labour’ Policy and Politics, 38(1), p135-152.

Baggott, R., and Forster, R. (2008) ‘Health consumer and patients' organizations in Europe: towards a comparative analysis’. Health Expectations 11 (1) p85-94.


Research interests/expertise

  • Health policy-making and the NHS
  • Public health policy
  • Global Health
  • Alcohol Policy
  • Patient and Public Involvement in health
  • The Voluntary Health Sector
  • Partnership Working
  • Health Care Reform.

Areas of teaching

Health Strategy and Management; Health Policy; Public Health; Global Health.


BA (hons) University of York, Class I Economics and Politics; PhD, University of Hull, Politics and Social Policy.

Courses taught

POPP3000 Politics Dissertation

POPP3406 Health Policy and Politics

POPP5025 Global Health: Policy and Politics

Conference attendance



Consultancy work

Professor Baggott has undertaken consultancy for NHS organisations and local councils on issues including; patient and public involvement, smoking control, maternity services, and public health.

Externally funded research grants information

Alcohol pricing and alcohol problems (2009-11) with Martin Hagger (PI), University of Nottingham, Alcohol Education and Research Council £40,000.

The Cuban Health system (Sept 2012-August 2015) with George Lambie, DMU, British Academy Small Grant Scheme, £7,500.

Internally funded research project information

DMU RIF funding 2010-11 £9k (Brown PI, Tanner and Baggott) Health care associated infection control in the ambulance service.

Democracy and care home residents £500 (with E Thompson and J. Scullion) Business Faculty Seedcorn Fund 2014-15

DMU funded Research Leave Jan-March 2017: Global governance and non-communicable diseases.


Rob Baggott

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