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Dr Pinar E. Dönmez

Job: Lecturer in International Relations

School/department: Department of Politics, People and Place

Address: De Montfort University, The Gateway, Leicester, LE1 9BH

T: N/A



Research group affiliations

Global Inequalities Research Group

The Centre for Urban Research on Austerity

Publications and outputs

(2020) “Marketization of Academia and Authoritarian Governments: The Cases of Hungary and Turkey in Critical Perspective”, (with Anil Duman), Critical Sociology, Published online first: 

(2020) “Against austerity and repression: Historical and contemporary manifestations of progressive politicization in Turkey”, Environment and Planning C: Politics & Space, Published online first:  

(2020) “British Immigration Policy, Depoliticisation and Brexit”, (with Alex Sutton), Comparative European Politics, Published online first:  

(2019) "Crisis of Capitalism and (De-)Politicisation of Monetary Policymaking: Reflections from Hungary and Turkey", (with Eva Zemandl), New Political Economy, 24:1, pp. 125-143.

(2018) Comparing Strategies of (De)Politicisation in Europe: Governance, Resistance, Anti-politics, (Eds.) Jim Buller, Pinar E. Donmez, Adam Standring and Matthew Wood, Palgrave Macmillan.

(2018) “Politicisation as governing strategy versus resistance: Demystifying capitalist social relations and state in Turkey”, in J. Buller, P. E. Donmez, A. Standring and M. Wood (eds.) Comparing Strategies of (De)Politicisation in Europe, Palgrave Macmillan.

(2018) “Depoliticisation, Post-Politics and the Problem of Change”, (with J. Buller, A. Standring and M. Wood) in J. Buller, P. Donmez, A. Standring and M. Wood (eds.) Comparing Strategies of (De)Politicisation in Europe, Palgrave Macmillan.

(2016) “Revisiting the Debate on Open Marxist Perspectives” (with Alex Sutton), British Journal of Politics and International Relations, Vol. 18 No. 3, pp. 688-705.

(2015) “State, Crisis and Politicisation of Economic Policymaking: Reflections from Hungary and Turkey” (with Eva Zemandl), Center for Policy Studies Working Paper, No: 9, Budapest.

(2014) “Crisis and Regional Governance Attempts: the Curious Case of Turkey in Critical Perspective”, in T. Haastrup and J. Eun (eds.), Regionalising Global Crises: The Financial Crisis and New Frontiers in Regional Governance, Palgrave MacMillan International Political Economy Series.

(2014) “Making Sense of (Anti) Politics In and Out of Crisis in Turkey: A Critical Intervention”, Vol. III, Issue 5, pp. 39-53, Centre for Policy and Research on Turkey (Research Turkey), London, ResearchTurkey. 

Research interests/expertise

I am interested in learning about:

Processes of crisis and restructuring; repression and resistance

Critique of political economy and IPE

Politics of depoliticisation and (re)politicisation

Theories of state, Marxism(s) and critical theory

Areas of teaching

Global political economy

Theories and issues in politics &international relations

International development: critics and alternatives

Politics and/of policymaking

Politics in Turkey


PhD Politics and International Studies

MA International Political Economy

BSc Political Science and Public Administration

Minor Degree History of Philosophy

Courses taught

Introduction to Contemporary International Relations

Global Comparative Politics (Turkey case study)

Professional licences and certificates

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert) Teaching in Higher Education


Research Team Member/Collaborator: The Anti-politics of Austerity: Exploring the Scalar and Spatial Dimensions of Political Crisis and Renewal in Europe. Supported by the Independent Social Research Foundation Flexible Grants for Small Groups 

Post-Doctoral Researcher/Principal Investigator: Tracing the Changes in Policymaking and 'the Political' in European Periphery Under Crisis. Institutional host: CEU Center for Policy Studies. Funded by the Tempus Public Foundation/Hungarian Scholarship Board (2014-2016)

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow: The Emergence of Southern Multinationals and their Impact on Europe. Institutional host: Department of International Relations, Koç University. Funded by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (2012-2013)

Conference attendance


(2018) Premises and challenges of progressive politicisation under austerity and repression, Invited speaker, Socialist Theory and Movements Seminar Series, University of Glasgow, 20 November.

(2017) Academic Freedom in the era of Repressive Neoliberalism (with Anil Duman), COSMOS Conference, The Contentious Politics of Higher Education: Student Movements in Late Neoliberalism, 15-16 November, Florence and ‘Academic Freedom and Politics’ Conference, LMU, 8-9 December, Munich.

(2017) British Immigration Policy, Depoliticisation and Brexit (with Alex Sutton), 3rd SVOC Conference, 30 November-1 December, Budapest.

(2016) Post-2008 transformations and restructuring in Hungary and Turkey: Challenging mainstream explanations, 2nd Conference on The Role of State in Varieties of Capitalism, Central European University, Budapest, 10-11 November.

(2015) Crisis, Depoliticisation and Repoliticisation in the European Periphery: Reflections from Hungary and Turkey, ECPR Joint Sessions, University of Warsaw, Poland, 29 March - 2 April; and Hungarian Particularism in the European Union: Politico-Legal Perspectives, conference organised by the Center For European Union Research (CEU) and The Lendület-Hpops Research Group (MTA), Central European University, 15 May.

(2014) Crisis, Authoritarianism and June Uprising in Turkey, presented at the Association for the Study of Nationalities and Central European University, Nationalist Responses to Economic and Political Crises, International Conference, Budapest, 2-14 June.

(2014) Understanding Gezi Protests in the Depoliticisation-Politicisation Nexus”, presented at the International Conference “June Uprising in Turkey: Background, Dynamics and Perspectives”, University of Kassel, Germany, 15-16 May.

(2013) Forms of Depoliticisation: The Turkish and Italian Experiences in Historical Perspective, (with Simona Pino), presented at the PSA Annual Conference, Cardiff, 25-27 March.

(2012) Revisiting the Debate on Open Marxism and Implications for the Study of “the International”, (with Alex Sutton) presented at the First Spectrum Conference on Global Studies, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, 2-3 November.

(2011) Assessing the “Success” of Depoliticisation Strategy in Economic Policy Making: Turkish Case in the 2000s, PSA Annual Conference, London, 19-21 April.

(2010) Politics of Crisis Management: a Re-assessment of the Turkish Case, presented in the Crisis, Rupture, Anxiety Conference, University of Salford, Manchester, 9-10 September.

Key scholarships and fellowships

Postdoctoral Research Grant, Tempus Public Foundation/Hungarian Scholarship Board (Jan-Jun 2014; Feb-Jun 2015; Jan-Jun 2016)

Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) (Oct 2012-Apr 2013)

Early Career Fellowship, Institute of Advanced Study, University of Warwick (2011-2012)

Politics and International Studies Departmental PhD Studentship, University of Warwick (2007-2010)

British Council-Turkish Educational Foundation MA Chevening Scholarship (2006-2007)

Research Assistantship, Department of Political Science and Public Administration, Middle East Technical University (Jan 2005- Sep 2006)