Dr Nuno Arroteia

Job: Senior Lecturer

Faculty: Business and Law

School/department: Leicester Castle Business School

Address: De Montfort University, The Gateway, Leicester, LE1 9BH

T: N/A

E: nuno.paulinoarroteia@dmu.ac.uk

W: https://www.dmu.ac.uk


Personal profile

Nuno has extensive industry experience in operations management and business development at multinational companies such as Arthur Andersen, Deloitte, UEFA, and Carglass. He is a serial Angel investor with a portfolio across a diverse range of sectors (ICT, creative industries, life sciences, industrial production). He has been involved in teaching international business, entrepreneurship and management accounting for undergraduate and postgraduate programs. 

His teaching experience in the UK began at Abertay University (2016-2018) as Lecturer, subsequently joining Coventry University (2018/2019) as Lecturer and Associate Course Director in Busienss Administration. At De Monfort University (since 2019) he is Senior Lecturer in Professional Development and Strategy and Deputy Programme Leader of the Senior Leader Master's Degree Apprenticeship (MBA).

Research group affiliations

Centre for Enterprise and Innovation, BAL/DMU

Publications and outputs

Refereed papers and Books

Arroteia, N., Hafeez, K. (2021). The Internationalisation of Technolatinas from a Resource-based Perspective. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Research; https://doi.org/10.1108/IJEBR-08-2019-0472 (ABS 3*)

Curran, R., Arroteia, N., Blesa, A., Musteen, M., and Ripollés, M. (2021). Improving Cultural Intelligence, Psychological Empowerment, and Task Performance in the Classroom: Global Game Challenge. Journal of Teaching in International Business, 32(1), 36-56.

Schwob, A., Avramenko, A., Brodie, A., Arroteia, N., (2020). Technologised situated partnering practice: Leveraging interobjective representations of technology in use and its transformative effects in business education. Journal of International Business Education 15:141-166. (ABS 2*)

Arroteia, N., Hafeez, K., and Avramenko, A. (2020). Exploring Student’s Perceptions on Psychological Empowerment by Using a Business Simulation. Student Engagement in Higher Education, 3(2), 197-221.

 Okoli, J., Arroteia, N.,and Barish, O. (2019). Piloting a portfolio of experiential learning activities for international business students. Journal of Teaching in International Business. (https://doi.org/10.1080/08975930.2019.1698393)

Musteen, M., Curran, R., Arroteia, N., Ripollés, M., & Blesa, A. (2018). A Community of Practice Approach to Teaching International Entrepreneurship. Administrative Sciences, 8(4), [56]. https://doi.org/10.3390/admsci8040056

Santos, L. L., Gomes, C., Arroteia, N. (2010). Management accounting practices in the Portuguese lodgings industry. European Journal of Tourism, Hospitality, and Recreation, 1(1), 110–125.

Santos, L. L., Gomes, C., Arroteia, N. (2011). Management accounting techniques used by the Portuguese Lodging Industry. Portuguese Accountants Magazine, 135.

Book Chapters

Avramenko, A., Arroteia, N., and Hafeez, K. (2021). Exploring the impact of business simulation pedagogy on student’s psychological empowerment. In N. Arroteia, S. Sindi, eds. Innovating in Teaching Enterprise, Business and Management in Higher Education, Dundee: Startup Finance.

Arroteia, N. and Hafeez, K. (2019). Assessing the Impact of Social Structures in International Opportunity Recognition: A Case Study of Brazilian Technology Firms. In M. Haddoud, M., A-K. Onjewu, P. Jones, eds., International Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets: Nature, Drivers, Barriers and Determinants, 1st ed. Emerald Group Publishing Limited. (Submitted in REF 2021)

Arroteia, N., Curran, R., Blesa, A., Ripollés, M. and Musteen, M. (2018). Global board games project: a cross-border entrepreneurship experiential learning initiative. In G. Mulholland, J. Turner. eds., Enterprising Education in UK Higher Education: Challenges for Theory and Practice, 1st ed. London: Taylor Francis.


Arroteia, N. (2021). Entrepreneurial Finance - a beginners guide. Startup Finance Limited, Dundee.

Arroteia, N. (2020). Starting a Business: a Guide for Scientists. Startup Finance Limited, Dundee.

Arroteia, N. and Bhatta, B. (2018). The Secrets to the Profitable Startup: Startup Finance. Startup Finance Limited, Dundee.

Conference Papers

Curran, R., Musteen, M., Blesa, A., Ripollés, M., & Arroteia, N. (2018). Unraveling the recognition of international opportunities through a Community of Practice in the classroom. Paper presented at Research in Entrepreneurship and Small Business , Toledo, Spain.

Schwob, A., Avramenko, A., Brodie, A., & Arroteia, N. (2018). Technologized situated partnering practice: Leveraging interobjective representations of technology in use to foster learning culture. Poster session presented at Learning Through Co-Design, Abertay's Teaching and Learning Enhancement Conference, Dundee, United Kingdom.

Musteen, M., Arroteia, N., Curran, R., Blesa, A., & Ripollés, M. (2018). Teaching International Business through Experience: Global Board Game Project. Poster session presented at AIB 2018 Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, United States.

Musteen, M., Arroteia, N., Curran, R., Blesa, A., & Ripollés, M. (2018). Growing international entrepreneurs without leaving the classroom: the role of platforms for cross-border collaboration. Poster session presented at 4th Annual California Entrepreneurship Educators Conference, San Diego, United States.

Arroteia, N., & Hafeez, K. (2017). How globalized supply chains contribute to the growth of regional clusters?. Abstract from Seminar on Creative Cultural Industries and Higher Education, Ankara, Turkey.

Hafeez, K., & Arroteia, N. (2017). Measuring the spill over effects of creative industries. Abstract from Seminar on Creative Cultural Industries and Higher Education, Ankara, Turkey.

Hafeez, K., & Arroteia, N. (2017). The role of networks in the internationalisation decisions of start-ups. Paper presented at 21st McGill International Entrepreneurship Conference, Galway, Ireland.

Arroteia, N., & MacEachen, C. (2017). Abertay Enterprise Framework: business awareness beyond subject learning. Paper presented at 3rd International Enhancement in Higher Education Conference, Glasgow, United Kingdom.

Arroteia, N., & Hafeez, K. (2017). The rise of technolatinas: measuring the determinants of iternationalization for the Brazilian technology start-ups. Paper presented at Paris School of Business’s Symposium and Doctoral Workshop on Entrepreneurship Research, Paris, France.

Research interests/expertise

International business, international entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial finance

Areas of teaching

International business, business planning, entrepreneurial finance, management accounting


BA (Hons) PgDip MSc PhD FHEA

Courses taught

Global MBA

Senior LEaders Masters Degre Apprenticeship

Honours and awards

2020 - Award for Outstanding Author Contribution category in the 2020 Emerald Literati Awards.

2018 - Award for Entrepreneurial Thought Leader by Lavin Entrepreneurship Centre - San Diego State University, USA.

Membership of professional associations and societies

Higher Education Academy (UK)

Chartered Management Institute (UK)


Professional licences and certificates

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (UK), Certified Management and Business Educator (CABS), Member of the Chartered Meanagement Institute (UK)


Arroteia, N., Tiwary, A., Akinremi, C., Huddersman, K., Onamuti, O. (2021). Barriers to environmental technology innovation in emerging economies: A case of entrepreneurship in the water treatment sector in West Africa. (Working Paper)

Arroteia, N., Hafeez, K. (2021). A typology of business networks and their impact on the internationalisation of Technolatinas. (Working Paper)

Arroteia, N., Bhatta, B., Quinn, M., and Hafeez, K. (2021). ‘Mind Your Language Entrepreneur’!  The impact of effectual and causal words in the success of crowdfunding campaigns. (Working Paper)

Consultancy work

National Association of Metallurgical and Electronic Industries (ANEME) (2015). Competitive Advantages and a Methodology towards Implementing a Management Innovation System on SMEs. ANEME, Lisbon (Portugal).

Habitat Sustainability Skills Center (CCSH) (2014). Pilot Program for Innovation Management in the Real Estate Sector. CentroHabitat.net, Coimbra (Portugal).

Industry Association of Aveiro District /AIDA (2014). Good Practices of Industrial Property Policies. AIDA, Aveiro (Portugal).

ORCID number


Activity as reviewer

Administrative Sciences, International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research, International Journal of Emerging Markets, Journal of International Entrepreneurship, Sustainability.

Book series editor

Higher Education Practices and Perspectives. First volume: Arroteia, N., Sindi, S. eds. (2021). Innovating in Teaching Enterprise, Business and Management in Higher Education. Dundee: Startup Finance.