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Professor Khalid Hafeez

Job: Interim Deputy Dean

Faculty: Business and Law

School/department: Leicester Castle Business School

Address: De Montfort University, The Gateway, Leicester, LE1 9BH

T: 0116 250 6025




Personal profile

Khalid is an experienced academic with over 25 years of teaching, research, educational management and technology transfer experience across disciplines in the UK and TNE.  Before his appointment as Professor in Digital Transformation and Associate Dean PG and Corporate at the Faculty of Business & Law, he was Professor and Head of department at the Abertay University, the founding Dean of the Claude Littner Business School University of West London (2014-16) and Dean of School of Quality Management at Smart University Dubai, professor and head of Operations Sstems group at the York Management School, University of York UK.. Prior to this he was the Founding Director for the Centre for Entrepreneurship at the University of Bradford.  Khalid is a Fellow of National Council for Graduate Entrepreneurs (NCGE) UK supported by the UK Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and a life member of the European Foundation for Entrepreneurship Research (EFER). Khalid has completed an Executive Education Training programme at the Harvard Business School USA in 2006. He is also a Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt, and Certified Project Manager and EFQM European Assessor certified from Brussels. He was the Yorkshire Forward technology transfer champion for 7 years and was awarded Certificate of Merit from the House of Lord UK in recognition of his  services for education and community. In 2012 he received the Chancellor Award for Excellence in Research and 2013 he  received an award for exemplary Leader. Khalid has more than 2000 citation to his research work.

Research group affiliations

Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Key research outputs

Journal Papers 

  1. Arroteia, N; Hafeez, K; (accepted 2019) Unravelling the effect of individual-and firm-level resources’ on effectual logic; International Business Review.  
  2. Arroteia, N; and Hafeez, K.   Avramenko, A (accepted 2019).  Exploring the impact of business simulation pedagogy on student’s psychological empowerment. Journal of Management Education
  3. Arroteia, N; Hafeez, K; (accepted 2019) The changing role of effectuation and entrepreneurial orientation for new ventures market entry. Journal of International Entrepreneurship
  4. Hafeez, K., Foroudi, P.,  Nguyen, B. and Alghatas, F. (2019). Knowledge Sharing by Entrepreneurs in a Virtual Community of Practice (VCoP). Information Technology & People. 32(2), 405-429;       
  5. Hafeez, K., Foroudi, P., Nguyen, B. and Alghatas, F. (2018). How Do Entrepreneurs Learn and Engage in an Online Community-of-Practice (CoP)? A Case Study Approach.  Behaviour & Information Technology. 37(7), 714-735.   
  6. Brown, D; Foroudi,P. and Hafeez, K. (2019). ‘Marketing management capability: the construct, and its dimensions: an examination of managers and entrepreneurs’ perception in the retail setting’. Qualitative Market Research, URI:;
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  11. Hafeez, K., Foroudi, P. Dinnie, K. Parahoo, S. (2016). The Role of Place Branding and Image in the Development of Innovation  Clusters.  The Case of Dubai, Journal of Brand Management.  23(4), pp. 383-402.
  12. Foroudi, P., Hafeez, K., and Foroudi, M. M. (2016). Evaluating the impact of corporate logos towards corporate reputation: a case of Persia and Mexico, Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal.
  13. Ruizalba, J. and Hafeez, K. (2015). Keeping  promises: Interview with Professor Christian Grönroos. New Vistas 1 (1): 38-43
  14.  Al-Qatawneh, L.;  and Hafeez., K. (2015). Critical-to-life Classification for Managing Inventory in a HealthCare Supply Chain".    Int. Journal of Intelligent Enterprise; Special Issue: Innovative Supply Chain Management”.   InderScience Publishers; 3(1), pp 54-78. 
  15. K.  Hafeez and I.  Aburawi ( 2013): Optimizing Human Resource Requirements to meet Target Customer Service Levels.  Int Journal of Quality and Service Sciences (Emerald),  volume 5, issue 2, pp.230 - 252 .
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  43. Hafeez, K.,  Malak, N., and Zhang, Y. (2002) “Identifying Core competence”  Invited paper: IEEE Potentials,April/May 2002, pp. 2-8.(This paper was used as part of CPD exercise for 45,000 graduate students in the USA) 

Research interests/expertise

  • Digital Transformation and implementation of technology in all aspects of Society
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Resource based theory and core competence
  • Total Quality Management and Organisation learning
  • CSR and circular economy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Knowledge management and community of practice


BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD

Courses taught

Supply Chain Management; Operations Management; Strategic Management; Project Management; Risk Management; Knowledge Management; Managing Change; Total Quality Management; Benchmarking and Operations Excellence

Membership of external committees

Editor: International Journal of Future Governments (Emerald) ISSN: 2516 – 4376

  • Member European Conference on Knowledge Management series from 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 
  • Conference Session Organiser/Chair for the ICMLA’ 2002, IS/Knowledge Management track, June 24-27, 2002 Los Vegas, USA.
  • IADIS e-Commerce 2004 and  2005 Conference committee
  • Conference  Organiser on IEEE International Conference on Machine Learning 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
  • Chair for the First Int. Colloquium on Ethnic Entrepreneurship and Management Bradford, 2007
  • Session Chair for the ICMLA’ 2002, IS/Knowledge Management Track, June 24-27, 2002 Los Vegas, USA.
  • Member Book Reviewing Board for Financial Times/Prentice Hall/Pearson Publishers: I have reviewed 11 books in the field of Management during the last four years. 
  • Member book reviewing panel for Knowledge Board Publishers
  • On the Reviewing Board of the
    • IBM Journal Systems Engineering
    • IEEE Engineering Management
    • Int. Journal of Logistics and Supply Chain,
    • Strategic Outsourcing: An International Journal
    • Int. Journal of Agile Systems and Management (IJASM)
    • International Journal Entrepreneurship Behavioral and Research
    • Journal TQM and Business Excellence

Membership of professional associations and societies

  • Fellow Royal Society of Arts
  • Fellow CMI
  • Fellow National Council for Graduate Entrepreneur

Conference attendance

Offered key note address at more than 20 International Conferences

Consultancy work

  • Co-Investigator:  Art, Creativity and Employability (ACE) – Training Pathways to Creative Industries  from Care; Scottish Government, (£21,038), Contract ID: 2054; Internal Source R940
  • Co-Investigator: Public Universities as Learning Organisation; Higher Education Commission Pakistan, (£22.5 K); 2018-2019)
  • Co-investigator:  Engaging Community in Digital Planning Process: Angus Council, (£1 K)

Current research students

  • John Asu : Project title: Risk management in oil shipping industry supply chain
  • Rani Sudagar:  Project title: Impact of innovation and firm life cycle on business sustainability  
  • Shiful Islam: (At Abertay University): CSR Implementation in Apparel Industry in Bangladesh    

Externally funded research grants information

  • Principal Investigator KTP with Green Manufacturing with Turbo Guys (151K: 2018-2020); contract ID 2046; Project ID: R163
  • Lead investigator  for the York Best Practice Network  University of York UK, Yorkshire Forward Grant worth 20K UK Pound Sterling.
  • Lead investigator  for the York university UK for White Rose Grant 70K UK Pound Sterling  (2008)
  • Co investigator for ESRC studentship at York University : 90K UK Pound Sterling    (2009)
  • Principle Investigator  for Bradford University HEIF2 funding Budget of £80K UK Pound Sterling  (2004-05)
  • Principal investigator for Bradford University for £120K UK Pound Sterling  for HEFCE “urban regeneration” project (with UCLAN, Salford, Northumbria, MMU). (2004-05)
  • Principal investigator Sheffield Hallam University Higher Education Innovation Funds (HEIF) (2002-2005) 70K UK Pound Sterling.
  • Co  investigator: Knowledge Transfer Scheme with British Steel, Lucas aerospace and IBM Europe, Cardiff University; 1993; 110K UK Pound Sterling.

Internally funded research project information

  • HEIF Funds: 15K: with Prof Dave Walsh (PI) and Professor Kevin Bampton: Modern Day Slavery statement in the Leicestershire supply chains
  • HEIF Funds: 4K: PI with Dr Fred Mear: Developing a teaching Board Game for Analysing and Debating the Austerity Measures