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Dr George Lambie

Job: Principal Lecturer

Faculty: Business and Law

School/department: Leicester Castle Business School

Research group(s): International Political Economy (Globalisation) , Literature and Politics, Latin American Politics

Address: The Gateway, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK, LE1 9BH

T: +44 (0)116 250 7792




Personal profile

George is a Principal Lecturer in the Department and Visiting Professor of the University of Havana, Cuba. He teaches and researches in International Political Economy (Globalisation) and Latin American Politics. His specialist interest is the Cuban Revolution 1959-date. Formerly he worked in business as a marketing manager. Before joining the Department he was a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Warwick.     

Publications and outputs

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Research interests/expertise

The global financial and economic crisis

Globalisation; its beginnings and forms

Radical economic policy in the British Labour Party in the 1970s – The Alternative Economic Strategy

Latin American Politics, with specialisms on Cuba, Peru and Argentina

Literature and Politics in the Interwar Years with special reference to the effect of European ideas on Latin American intellectuals.

Areas of teaching

Undergraduate Teaching

Second Year Module entitled ‘Making of a Global World’

Third Year Module, ‘Globalisation and Democracy’


MBA/MSc in International Business, module in ‘Globalisation’

Supervision of PhD students.

Honours and awards

Name of honour / award, month conferred, year conferred, reason conferred

1997 – date Visiting Professorship of the University of Havana with option to lecture when in Cuba. Very few Europeans have been granted this position. This was awarded for my work to link the EU and Cuba and for direction of the subsequent projects.

Vice-Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Award June 2009

Membership of external committees

Name of committee, period, function, description, current Y/N

Programme leader for an undergraduate degree ‘Public Administration and Management’ run by the School of Continuing and Professional Education, City University of Hong Kong.

Membership of professional associations and societies

1998 Founding Member of the Forum for the Study of Cuba. A funded research link between the University of Nottingham and Havana University.

1998 – date Member of the Steering Committee of the Cuba Initiative Advisory Group, formerly chaired by the late Baroness Young then Lord Moynihan.

2000 Member of the Caribbean Group, Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House (Disbanded 2007)

Association Name, period start, period end, description

Professional licences and certificates

Licence obtained, certifying institute, not commercially sensitive information

Member of the Institute of Purchasing and Supply

Forthcoming events

Conference on the Cuban Missile Crisis, University of Oxford, ‘Cuba and the Soviet Union in the 1960s’, paper.

Conference attendance

2001 (September). ‘The Economic Viability of Cuba's Model of Sustainable Agriculture in the Process of Globalization’, Conference on Cuban Sustainable Agriculture, University of Michigan. Funded by sponsors.

2006 ‘The Changing Political Economy of Latin America: From Laissez Faire to Neoliberalism and Beyond’, Consortium for Latin America Business Schools (CLADEA), conference entitled Latin America and Europe: Opportunities and Challenges, held in Montpellier, France, September. Selected as ‘Very Best Paper’.

2007 ‘Understanding Participatory Democracy in Cuba’, Presented in the Cuba Initiative

Series of Lectures, Canning House (London), 9 January.

2008   ‘Globalisation and the Cuban Revolution in the 21st Century’, Presented at conference held at Canning House entitled ‘After Fidel’, 20 May.

2009  ‘The Role of the Cuban Military in the Revolution’. Conference entitled, ‘Cuba Outlook: Cuba’s Armed Forces’, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington, 5 February.

2009    ‘Global Crisis and the Cuban Revolution’. Conference entitled ‘The Cuban Revolution 1959-2009’, Center of Latin American Studies, University of Cambridge, 13 February.

2009    ‘The Battle for Ideas. Is there a Cuban Revolutionary Ontology and what does it seek to Challenge?’. Conference entitled ‘Fifty Years of Revolution. Politics, Economics, and Value (s) in Cuba of Today and Tomorrow’,  St. Antony’s College, Oxford, 19 February.

2011     January. Cuban Primary Health Care: Its Export and Implementation in the Developing World. Are there Lessons to be Learned from this Experience?Health, Wellness and Society, International Conference, University of Berkeley, California.

Key articles information

Working with Professor Stuart Holland (former UK Shadow Minister and adviser to European leaders including Jacques Delors) on the development of a Eurobond. 

Consultancy work

Poland- 1990 –1993. Local Democracy Building, Poland. British Government ‘Know How Fund’ project to provide training for new Polish local government officers and councillors. This was the first initiative of its kind to be provided by the UK for Poland. Value - £245,000.

Poland – 1993. Local Government Financial Management,British Government Overseas Development Agency funded. Delivered in conjunction with Coopers and Lybrand. £120,000

Cuba - 1995–97. Budgeting and Taxation Reform in Cuba. European Commission funded.

In this project I acted as Co-Director with Cuba’s then Minister of Finance, Dr José Luis

Rodríguez. This was also the first major co-operation between Cuba and the European Union. 1,150,000 ECU.

Honduras- 1998–2001 Autonomous National University of Honduras (UNAH). Assistance

 with the development of a course in public administration for local administrators. British

Council sponsorship was for a three year exchange programme between UNAH and De

Montfort. £11,000.

Cuba– 1999- 2001 continuation of Budgeting and Taxation Reform in Cuba.Co-Director with the Minister of Finance, Dr Manuel Millares. 940,000 ECU.

Libya - 2003-2007. Three visits to Libya funded by the Libyan Government and the British

Council to explore: a) academic co-operation between De Montfort University and a number

of Libyan universities, b) providing consultancy and training to Libyan officials in Public

Administration, WTO strategy and International Accounting Standards c) prepare a research

paper on Libyan local government and administration d) consultations to establish European

contacts to develop a Libyan source of exportable solar energy.

Venezuela– 2006. Research project on the Barrio Adentro programme (delivered by Cuba to

improve healthcare in Venezuela). This project was facilitated and supported by the Cuban

Government and opened many doors in Venezuela, giving the potential for developing future research and consultancy. 

Externally funded research grants information

Tinker Foundation (US)Award (1987 – 89) granted to study Cuba’s relations with Western Europe. This research was later published as a book, The Fractured Blockade, referred to above (£45,000).

British Academy Small Personal Award (1993) to study the influence of the ideas of the Peruvian intellectual José Carlos Mariátegui on the political development of César Vallejo (£4,500).

2005-2007 British Academy Award to investigate popular participation in Cuba and Venezuela (£5,746).

2012 -2013 with Professor Robert Baggott, British Academy Award to investigate Health Care in Cuba (£7,500).

Professional esteem indicators

Co-Editor of the International Journal of Cuban Studies