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Mr Freddie O'Shea

Job: PT Lecturer and Postgraduate Research Student

Faculty: Business and Law

School/department: Leicester Castle Business School

Address: De Montfort University, The Gateway, Leicester, LE1 9BH

T: +44 (0)116 207 8846




Personal profile

Freddie is a postgraduate research student (PhD) at De Montfort University, producing research through the Centre for Enterprise and Innovation. His postgraduate research investigates the dynamic behavioural complexities and emergent properties of University Entrepreneurship Ecosystems and how they enable student entrepreneurs to develop entrepreneurial mindsets and/or launch independent or collaborative business ventures.

Having acquired his BA (Hons) degree in Marketing Management from De Montfort University in 2018, alongside his comprehensive involvement in student entrepreneurship since 2015, he decided to pursue an academic career to inform student entrepreneurship policy and education. Since then, Freddie has held a number of interdisciplinary positions at De Montfort University, including Student Enterprise Projects Officer. In 2015, Freddie launched a student entrepreneurship support structure focused towards enabling student venture creation through delivering tailored enterprise services for nascent entrepreneurs, i.e. investment acquisition and growth programmes. He also leads and is involved in various independent and collaborative businesses, mainly micro-business consultancy and international e-commerce.

Freddie is now a PT Lecturer in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship within the department of Strategic Management and Marketing, guiding students throughout enterprise modules dedicated towards enhancing employability, academic and enterprise skills.

Research group affiliations

The Centre for Enterprise and Innovation (CEI)

Publications and outputs

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Research interests/expertise

Nascent Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Ecosystems

Systems Dynamics C

omplex Social-Economic Systems


Critical Realism

Areas of teaching

Business Management




Doctor of Philosophy - PhD (Ongoing)

BA (Hons) Marketing Management - First Class

Courses taught

ENTE 1521 - An Introduction to Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

Honours and awards

High Flyers Research Student Scholarship, August, 2018


Project Title: A Systems Dynamics approach to Student Entrepreneurship.

Paper: The Student Entrepreneurship Mind System: An International Comparative study.

Paper: Modelling the Systems Dynamics of University Entrepreneurship Ecosystems.

Paper: Investigating the regional social and economic changes on shaping the configuration of University Entrepreneurship Ecosystems.

Paper: Enabling Student Entrepreneurship Ecosystems: Critical Insights to informs student entrepreneurship policy and education.

Consultancy work

Student Entrepreneurship at Student Enterprise Movement (2015)

Micro-business consultancy at Bloom Innovation Group (2016)

ORCID number