Professor Christos Kalantaridis

Job: Deputy Head of Faculty of Business and Law

School/department: Leicester Castle Business School

Address: De Montfort University, The Gateway, Leicester, LE1 9BH

T: Ext: 7489




Personal profile

I am Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Head of the Department of Strategic Management and Marketing. I am also Editor of the European Journal of Innovation Management and Affiliated Faculty at the Ostrom Workshop, University of Indiana, Bloomington. I have held visiting roles at Universities in Greece, Latvia and Estonia and full professorial positions at the Universities of Bradford, Salford and Teesside.

My main areas of research and teaching are entrepreneurship and innovation studies. My work is international in nature, multi-disciplinary and with a strong emphasis on implications for policy and business practice. It has been published extensively in international refereed journals and presented in conferences around the world.

Research interests/expertise

My current programme of research revolves around three main projects.

The first builds on the findings of recent research (in Wales and Greater Manchester) that illustrates the poor innovation returns to ‘enclosed’ publicly funded, university-generated knowledge. I am interested in exploring the implications (for the conversion of knowledge outputs to innovation) of different intellectual property rights regimes: through the deployment of laboratory and field experiments.

The second revolves around how migration introduces variation in entrepreneurial strategies for innovation and opens up places to global influences. This stream of research examines the impact of entrepreneurial experiences on meanings of place and the development of multi-scalar strategies in the process of introducing innovation. Of particular interest would be the examination of evolving conceptualisations of place, and strategies, though the passage of time.

The third area of research revolves around comparative open innovation strategies in transition economies. I am interested at the engagement of innovative enterprises with local as well as distant actors, placing increased emphasis on the role Universities as focal points of innovation ecosystems.

Areas of teaching


Small Business Development

Innovation Management


BSc in Economics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

MSc in Economic Development, University of Salford, UK

PhD, University of Salford, UK

Conference attendance

Kalantaridis, C. (2015) ‘From Research Outcomes to Innovation: rules and appropriation of university-generated knowledge in Greater Manchester, England’ European Academy of Management Conference.

Kalantaridis, C. (2012) ‘Entrepreneurship and Institutions in Open National Innovation Systems: Implications for Innovation Performance in Post-Socialist Regimes’ 26th Workshop on ‘Research in Entrepreneurship’, Lyon France.

Kalantaridis, C. (2012) ‘Exploring the Interface between entrepreneurship and institutional change: the contribution of old institutionalist economics’ Political Economy and the Outlook for Capitalism Conference, Paris, France.

Kalantaridis, C (2012) ‘Entrepreneurship and Institutional Change in Post-Socialist Regimes: the Case of Ukraine’ EFMD Conference, Maastricht, Netherlands.

Kalantaridis, C and Bika, Z. (2011) ‘Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Actor Constructed Regional Innovation Systems’ 56th ICSB World Conference, Stockholm, Sweden.

Kalantaridis, C and Biba, Z. (2010) ‘Entrepreneurial Origin and the Configuration of Innovation in Rural Areas’ 55th ICSB World Conference, Cincinnati, USA.

Kalantaridis, C (2010) ‘Power of the Past and SME Competitiveness: A European Study’ 55th ICSB World Conference, Cincinnati, USA.

Kalantaridis, C (2008) ‘Institutions and Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas: A Comparative Study’ 22nd Workshop on ‘Research in Entrepreneurship’ Covilha, Portugal.

Kalantaridis, C. and Vassilev, I. - (2008) ‘The Nature of International Relationships & Performance: Policy Implications from the Case of Globally Integrated Small Firms’ 22nd Workshop on ‘Research in Entrepreneurship’ Covilha, Portugal.

Kalantaridis C and Vassilev, I.  (2008) ‘Small Firm Internationalisation: The Impact of Size on the Nature of Inter-Organisational Relationships’ 53rd ICSB World Conference. Halifax, Canada.

Recent research outputs

Kalantaridis, C. (2014) ‘Institutional Change in the Schumpeterian-Baumolian Construct: power, contestability and evolving entrepreneurial interests’ Entrepreneurship and Regional Development, 26 (1/2), 1-22.

Kalantaridis, C. and Fletcher, D.(2012) ‘Entrepreneurship and Institutional Change: A research agenda’ Entrepreneurship and Regional Development, 24 (3/4), 199-214.

Kalantaridis, C. and Vassilev, I.(2011) ‘Firm Size and the Nature of International Relationships: Power Asymmetry and Mutuality in the Case of Globally Integrated Small Firms’ Journal of Small Business Management, 49(4), 639-658.

Kalantaridis, C. and Bika, Z. (2011) ‘Entrepreneurial Origin and the Configuration of Innovation in Rural Areas: The Case of Cumbria, North West England’ Environment & Planning A, 43(4), 866-884.

Kalantaridis, C. Vassilev, I. and Fallon, G. - (2011) ‘Between the Firm and the Network: Contextualised Enterprise Strategies and Global Integration’ Regional Studies, 45 (2), 153-166.

Kalantaridis, C. (2010) ‘In-migration, Entrepreneurship and Rural-Urban Interconnectedness: The Case of East Cleveland, North East England’ Journal of Rural Studies, 26 (4), 418-427.

Kalantaridis, C. (2009) ‘SME Strategy, Embeddedness and Performance on the Rural Fringe of the Tees Valley City-Region, Northeast England’ International Small Business Journal, 27 (4), 496-521.

Kalantaridis, C. Slava, S. and Vasilev, I. (2008) ‘Global Integration, Industrial Structure and the Organization of Production in Post-socialist Regimes: the case of the Ukrainian clothing industry’ Global Networks, 8 (3), 261-281.

Kalantaridis, C. Slava, S. and Vassilev, I.  (2008) ‘Globalisation and Industrial Change in the Clothing Industry of Transcarpathia, Western Ukraine: A Micro-level View’ Environment and Planning A, 40 (1), 235-253.

Consultancy work

- (2013) ‘Developing joint research proposals for public health service innovation research’ West and South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw CSU, total value £33,000 (with Spicer, D. and Alimo-Metcalfe. B.).

- (2009) ‘MNEMOS: Quality & Innovation for Vocational Training in Enterprise Cultural Heritage’ Lifelong Learning Programme (Leonardo da Vinci) – total value £310,000 (co-ordinator with partners in Italy, Finland, Greece and the Czech Republic).

- (2009) ‘China UK Collaborative Partnerships in Employability and Entrepreneurship’ PMI2 total value £30,000 (with Aouad, G. Wilson, J. Smith, A. Li, X. Egbu, C. and Li-Hua, R).

- (2008) ‘Evaluation of University Third Mission on Wales’ a research project funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales – approx. value £43,000 (with T. Ashcroft).

- (2006) ‘Virtual Rural Enterprise Network’ an enterprise development project financed by Tees Valley Partnership – approx. value £130,000.

- (2004) ‘Developing Entrepreneurial Capabilities for SMEs’ an educational development project financed by HE ESF – approx. value £30,000.

- (1997) ‘Undergraduate Curriculum Initiatives to Support the Development of the SME Sector in Ukraine’ an international curriculum development project financed by Department for International Development as part of the REAP Programme – approx. value £30,000 (with Uzhgorod National University, Ukraine).

Externally funded research grants information

- (2012) ‘Innovation Laboratories: using an open innovation learning platform & action research in order to enhance the engagement & innovative capabilities of Universities in Post-Socialist Societies’ funded by the TEMPUS Programme of the EU, total value £707,000 (co-ordinator with partners in Estonia, Greece, Ukraine and Belarus).

- (2012) ‘Crossing Boundaries: Knowledge and Technology Transfer and Innovation’ a research project funded by the International Research Staff Exchange Scheme of Framework 7 total value £162,000 (co-ordinator with partners in Estonia, Portugal, Russia and India).

- (2010) ‘Innovation Policy in University City Regions’ a research project funded by INTERREG IVC – total value £1.44 million (co-ordinator with partners in Finland, Greece and Poland).

- (2005) ‘Rural Enterprise: Development and Policy Context’ a research project financed by Business Link Tees Valley – approx. value £15,000.

- (2005) ‘Developing Women-Owned Businesses’ a research project financed by Business Link Tees Valley – approx. value £30,000.

- (2003) ‘The Moving Frontier: The Changing Geography of Production in Europe’s Labour Intensive Industries’ an international research project financed as part of Framework 6 – approx. value £100,000 (other partner institutions in Greece, Poland, Bulgaria, and Estonia).

- (2001) ‘Automotive Supply-Chain Research’ a research project financed by the Regional Supply Network (East) – approx. value £25,000.

- (2001) ‘The Direct Effects of the Vauxhall Job Losses on the Local Labour Market’ a research project financed by the East of England Development Agency – approx. value £30,000.

- (2000) ‘Rural Entrepreneurship and Employment in Transition’ an international research project financed by INTAS – approx. value £6,000 (with partner institutions in Russia, Ukraine, and Greece).

- (1999) ‘A National Study of Internationalisation: Language, Enterprise Strategy and Competitiveness’ a research project financed by the EU as part of the ADAPT Programme – approx. value £35,000.

- (1999) ‘The Future of Europe’s Rural Periphery’ an international research project financed by Directorate XII of the EU as part of the Improving the Human Potential Programme – approx. value £80,000 (other partner institutions in Germany, Greece, Portugal and Poland).

- (1998) ‘Sales Trough Applied Language Skills: Research Briefs I and II’ a research project financed by the EU as part of the ADAPT Programme – approx. value £14,000.

- (1997) ‘The Management of Change in the European Countryside’ a Grant for the Organisation of an International Conference provided by Directorate XII of the European Union, - approx. value £7,000 (other a partner institution in Greece).

- (1996) ‘Encouraging SMEs to be More Open to Innovation and Change’ a research project financed by Business Link Bedfordshire Ltd – approx. value £15,000.

Professional esteem indicators

2014 – to date
Affiliated Faculty, Ostrom Workshop, University of Indiana, Bloomington, USA.

2009 – 2012
Visiting Professor, York St John University, UK.

2011 – 2012
Country Vice-President (UK), European Council for Small Business.

2010 – to date
Editor, European Journal of Innovation Management.

2010 – to date
Member of the Review Board, Journal of Small Business Management.

2006 – 2010
Member of the Third Stream Committee of the Association of Business Schools. 


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