Dr Alison Statham

Job: Associate Professor in Quality for the Faculty of Business and Law

Faculty: Business and Law

School/department: Faculty of Business and Law

Research group(s): Poltiical Studies Association. Teaching and Learning Specialist Group of Political Studies Association and British International Studies Association.

Address: De Montfort University, The Gateway, Leicester, LE1 9BH

T: 0116 207 8784

E: astatham@dmu.ac.uk

W: https://www.dmu.ac.uk


Personal profile

I have been teaching in Higher Education since May 1996. I am Associate Professor in Quality for the Faculty of Business and Law. I implement, oversee and monitor quality assurance processes for the faculty, and advise colleagues on curriculum modifications and new programme validations. I work with collaborative partners to ensure equity of student experience in areas relating to academic quality, and contribute to University quality assurance processes, such as periodic review.

Research group affiliations

Political Studies Association. Teaching and Learning Specialist Group.

Research interests/expertise

The Politics of nationalism and national identity. Issues pertaining to academic quality matters. Pedagogy of Politics and International Relations.

Areas of teaching

Politics, Public Policy, International Relations.


  • PhD in German intellectual history from the University of Birmingham.
  • MA in German from the University of Kent.
  • BA (Hons) first class in European Studies and German from the University of Kent.

Courses taught

POPP3052: Politics of Nationalism (2004-current)

I have also taught courses in the field of Comparative Politics, European Union Studies, and German Politics. I have supervised numerous dissertation projects, mostly in the area of nationalism and identity, but also in German and European Union politics.

Honours and awards

  • University Teacher Fellow (awarded August 2012) for outstanding contribution to teaching innovations in Politics and International Relations.
  • Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (awarded January 2015) for leadership in teaching and learning innovations in Politics and International Relations.
  • Certifed Management and Business Educator (CMBE) (awarded November 2020 by the Chartered Association of Business Schools).

Membership of external committees

Political Studies Association.

Trustee of the association and member of the executive committee, with special responsibility for undergraduate engagement. (December 2014 - July 2016).


Membership of professional associations and societies

Political Studies Association (since 2011 and ongoing). The professional body for academics, teachers and students of political studies in the UK.

Member of PRME working group on poverty.

Advance HE Senior Women's Network.



Role of social networking in teaching and learning support.

Poster presentations.

Student Voices. Supporting undergraduate research. A significant part of this project was the organization of an undergraduate research conference. The first was scheduled for April 2nd 2014 with students from 8 institutions. Funding for the conference has come from De Montfort University’s teaching development fund and the PSA. This was a collaborative project with colleagues from the University of Leeds. This work led directly to my being appointed to the EC of the PSA, and the undergraduate research conference is now a permanent fixture on the association’s annual events’ schedule.

Embedding employability with impact into the Politics/IR curriculum. Working with DMU Local to set up community projects, which will support students to better understand the connections between critical theory and real life policy making and its impact on daily life.

Current Projects.

BAL TaLent: a project to promote teaching and learning excellence as an equal route to promotion as research. I am joint lead of the working group on academic development, which supports and encourages colleagues to apply for professional accreditation and recognition, such as CMBE, FHEA, and SFHEA.

Within the wider University, I am working with the Teacher Fellow, CATE, and CAI network to support BAME staff to apply for University Teacher Fellowships and other teaching excellence awards, so that the diversity of our network is truly reflective of our staff. I am also a member of the University's expert panel on decolonising the curriculum.

I am leading a faculty initiative to develop Approved Tutor Status for academics at our collaborative partners. This is in line with AACSB requirements that students are taught by qualified academics who are research active and/or recognised as outstanding teachers. This project also looks to develop bespoke programmes of support for each partner depending on their specific needs and ambitions. This is hugely important to me, because many partners specialise in delivering programmes to non-standard students, especially mature students returning to education.


Forthcoming events

University Teaching and Learning Conference - January 2021.

Political Studies Association Annual Conference March 2021 - round table on decolonising the politics curriculum.


Conference attendance

 “Ideology versus pragmatism: contradictions in theory and practice of the new German Right”. Paper delivered to the 4th annual conference on Alternative Futures and Popular Protest, Manchester Metropolitan University, 15th-17th April 1998. Also listed in volume of proceedings (ISBN: 1899927115)


“Germany’s red-green coalition: the realisation of Dutschke’s “long march through the institutions”?” Paper delivered to the 5th annual conference on Alternative Futures and Popular Protest, Manchester Metropolitan University, 29th-31st March 1999. Also listed in volume of proceedings (ISBN: 1899927131).


“Right-wing Populism and the vision of an organic European Community: Germany’s New Right as a case study”. Paper delivered to the 6th annual conference on Alternative Futures and Popular Protest, Manchester Metropolitan University, 25th-27th April 2000. Also listed in volume of proceedings (ISBN:1899927204)


“A Role for Social Networking in the Support of Teaching and Learning?” Paper delivered at the annual conference of the PSA Teaching and Learning sub-group, Cardiff, September 2011. A development on this paper was presented at the PSA annual conference in Belfast, April 2012.


“Simulating EU Policy Making”.  A paper proposal submitted for consideration to the HEA Social Sciences Conference, May 28-29 2012. A development on this paper was presented as part of a  panel on teaching and learning at the UACES conference in Passau, September 2012, The EUSA conference in Baltimore, May 2013, and a Jean Monnet funded workshop on simulations at the University of Mainz, September 2013.


“A Poster about Posters”. Showcase and paper presented to the annual conference of the PSA Teaching and Learning sub-group, Hull, September 2012, and the PSA annual conference, Cardiff, April 2013. This material was also delivered to Politics colleagues at the University of Nottingham in a teaching and learning workshop in February 2013.


Demonstration of the use of social networking to support student learning outside the classroom. De Montfort University, Teaching and Learning Conference; “The Changing Face of Student Learning”, September 2012.


 “Clickers and Twitterers: Reshaping Assessment and Feedback Practices through Technology”. Paper presented to the APSA Teaching and Learning Conference, Philadelphia, February 2014.


“Ways to Support and Improve Undergraduate Research”. Workshop at the First International Conference on Teaching and Learning in Politics, International Relations, and European Studies. Maastricht, June 2014.


“Supporting and Assessing Student Reflections on Employability”.Paper presented to the PSA/BISA Teaching and Learning Conference, Bristol, September 2014.



“Using Short Term Enhancement Activities to Develop Student Employability”. Paper presented to the BISA annual conference, London 2015. This presentation was also delivered to colleagues at DMU during the  first “Great Ideas on Employability”conference in May 2015.