Professor Agyenim Boateng

Job: Professor in Finance

Faculty: Business and Law

School/department: Leicester Castle Business School

Address: De Montfort University, The Gateway, Leicester, LE1 9BH, United Kingdom

T: +44(0)1162078260




Personal profile

Professor Agyenim Boateng is a Professor of Finance and Director of Finance & Banking Research Centre, Leicester Castle Business School, De Montfort University.

Prior to joining De Montfort University, he was a Professor of Finance & Banking & Senior Postgraduate Research Tutor at Glasgow School of Business & Society. Other previous positions held include: Reader in Finance (Huddersfield University); Associate Professor & Founding Director of PhD Programme (University of Nottingham, China Campus); Senior Lecturer in Finance (Leeds Business School).

As a researcher, Agyenim has published extensively in a number of international journals, book chapters and a book. His work has appeared in leading international academic Journals including: Corporate Governance: An International Review; Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money; International Journal of Accounting; International Business Review; Small Business Economics; International Review of Financial Analysis; Review of Quantitative Finance & Accounting among others.

He serves as a reviewer for several leading international Journals, funding bodies (ESRC - UK; SSHRC -Canada). He has presented his work at major international conferences in China, USA, UK, Australia, Italy; Turkey etc. As a teacher, Agyenim has over 17 years' experience teaching finance courses on BA, MSc, MBA, Executive MBA and PhD programmes in the UK, China and Ghana. He is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA).

Research group affiliations

The Finance and Banking Research Centre (FiBRe)

Publications and outputs 

Publications up to 2013

  • Nguyen, V. H.T & Boateng, A. (2013). The Impact of Involuntary Excess Reserves on Bank Lending Channels in China, Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money, 26: 358-377.
  • Boateng, A. & Abdulrahman, A. (2012). Micro-Small Sized Enterprises and Bank Credit: Evidence from West Africa, Journal of Emerging Markets Finance (2012), 12 (2): 129-150.
  • Huang, W. & Boateng, A. (2012). The role of the state, ownership structure, and the performance of real estate firms in China), Applied Financial Economics, 23 (10): 847-859.
  • Wang, C., Hong, J., Kaforous, M. & Boateng, A. ((2012). What Drives the Internationalization of Chinese Firms? Testing the Explanatory Power of Three Theoretical Frameworks, International Business Review, 21: 425-438
  • Nisar, S., Boateng, A., Wu, J & Leung, M. (2012). Understanding the Motives for SMEs Entry Choice of International Entry Mode, Marketing Intelligence & Planning, 30 (7):717-739
  • Boateng, A., Naraidoo, R. & Uddin, M. (2011). An Analysis of the Inward Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions in the UK: A Macro-economic Perspective, Journal of International Financial Management & Accounting, 22 (2): 91-113
  • Uddin, M. & Boateng, A. (2011). Explaining the trends in the UK cross-border mergers & acquisitions: An analysis of macro-economic factors, International Business Review,20 (5): 547-556.
  • Boateng, A & Bampton, R. (2010). Mergers and Acquisition Integration Process: The Role of Management Accountant, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, Report 187, RES, Vol. 6, Issue 5, May, 2010
  • Wu, J. & Boateng, A. (2010Factors Influencing the Changes in Management Accounting Practices in foreign-partnered Joint Ventures and SOEs in China, Journal of Change Management,10 (3): 315-329.
  • Nunkoo, P. & Boateng, A. (2009). Determinants of Target Capital Structure and Adjustment to Long Run Target: Evidence from Canadian Firms, Applied Economics Letters, 17 (10): 983-990
  • Uddin, M. & Boateng, A. (2009). An Analysis of Short-run Performance of the UK Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions: Evidence from the Acquiring Firms). Review of Accounting & Finance, 8 (4): 431-453.
  • Boateng, A., Wang Q. & Yang T. (.2008) An Analysis of Strategic Motivation and Performance of Cross-border mergers and acquisitions in China, Thunderbird International Business Review, 50 (4): 259-270, July/August.
  • Wu, J., Colin Drury & A. Boateng (2007). An Analysis of the Adoption, Perceived Benefits, and Expected Future Emphasis of Western Management Accounting Practices in Chinese SOEs and JVs, The International Journal of Accounting, 42 (2): 171-185
  • Lodorfos, G. & Boateng, A. (2006). The Role of Culture in the Mergers & Acquisitions Integration Process: Evidence from European Chemical Industry, Management Decision, 44 (10): 1405 – 1421
  • Boateng, A. (2004).Determinants Capital Structure: Evidence from International Joint Ventures in Ghana, International Journal of Social Economics, 31 (1/2): 56 – 66.
  • Boateng, A. & Glaister, K.W. (2003). Strategic Motives for International Joint Venture Formation in Ghana, Management International Review, 43 (2): 2nd Quarter,107 - 128, 2003
  • Akamavi, R., Mckevitt, A. & Boateng, A. (2004). Assessing the Francophone West Africa Market: An ETOP Analysis, (with Marketing Intelligence & Planning, 22 (4): 455 -471
  • Boateng, A. & Glaister, K.W. (2003). Performance of International Joint Ventures: Evidence from West Africa,  International Business Review,. 11, (5): 523 - 541, 2002
  • Boateng, A., Akamavi, R. & Roger Henderson (2002). International Joint Ventures in West Africa: Source of Funding and Barriers to Finance,  International Journal of Business Studies, 10 (1): 59 - 72.
  • Boateng, A. & Glaister, K.W. (1999). Foreign Direct Investment in Ghana: Patterns of Activity, Distribution and the Role of Government Policy, Journal of Euromarketing, 8 (4): 51- 74. 

Research interests/expertise

Current research interests include: financing strategies & investments by emerging market multinational companies, firm governance; bank risk-taking behaviour and performance.

Areas of teaching

Financial Markets & Institutions


PhD (University of Leeds); MA; MBA; PGCHE; FHEA

Courses taught

Financial Markets (BA);Corporate Finance (MBA; EMBA); Fixed Interest Investments; International Finance (MA); Developing Management Research (PhD)

Honours and awards

1. Emerald Citation of Excellence 2015. What Drives the Internationalization of Chinese Firms? Testing the Explanatory Power of Three Theoretical Frameworks, International Business Review, 21, pp.425-438, (with Wang, Chengqi, Hong, J, Kaforous, M)

2. 2013 Elsevier Best Paper Award What Drives the Internationalization of Chinese Firms? Testing the Explanatory Power of Three Theoretical Frameworks, International Business Review, 21, pp.425-438, (with Wang, Chengqi, Hong, J, Kaforous, M)

3. 2010 International Finance Forum Excellent Paper Award Method of Payment and Long-run Performance of Chinese Domestic Mergers & Acquisitions, (with Xiaogang Bi) Ningbo-Nottingham International Finance Forum, September 6-7, 2010, University of Nottingham. China

4. 2009 British Academy Management Best Paper Award Motives for Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions, Evidence from Multiple Source, (with K. Glaister, M. Uddin, G. Lodorfos), British Academy of Management, Brighton, UK, 2009.

5. 2006 Best paper and presenter Award, International Academy of African Business Development Conference, Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration, May 23-27, 2006. Financing Micro-Small Businesses in Ghana: An Analysis of Sources of Finance and Barriers to Bank Credit.

Membership of professional associations and societies

  • European Finance Association
  • British Academy of Management
  • Academy of International Business
  • Fellow - Higher Education Academy

Current research students

Happiness Robert (1st Supervisor)

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