Dr Adrian Bua

Job: Early Career Academic Fellow

Faculty: Business and Law

School/department: Leicester Castle Business School

Research group(s): Centre for Urban Research on Austerity

Address: De Montfort University, Hugh Aston Building,The Gateway, Leicester.

T: +44 (0)116 257 7818

E: adrian.bua@dmu.ac.uk

W: http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/adrian-bua/67/476/2b0


Personal profile

Adrian joined DMU in October 2015 to work on the ESRC-funded project ‘Collaborative Governance under Austerity: An 8 Case Comparison’ and on developing the newly established Centre for Urban Research on Austerity. In 2019 he took on an Early Career Academic Fellowship in Urban Living.

Adrian’s academic interests span democratic theory, public policy, urban studies and political economy. Currently he is specifically interested in studying processes of democratisation and de-democratisation from a critical political economy perspective.

Adrian is also experienced in policy-oriented research, having worked in various think tanks including the New Economics Foundation and the Institute for Public Policy Research where he worked on social policy and on local and regional economic development.

Research group affiliations

Centre for Urban Research on Austerity, De Montfort University

Local Governance Research Centre, De Montfort University

Participatory and Deliberative Democracy Specialist Group, Political Studies Association Democratic Innovations Standing Group, European Consortium for Political Research

Publications and outputs

Bua, A. and Bussu, S. (Under Review) Democratising the Policy Process: Applying a System Approach to the Impact of Participatory Governance, submitted to Public Administration Review

Bua, A.  and Bussu, S. (Under Review) From Governance-Driven Democratization to Democracy-Driven Governance: Democratic Innovations in the 21st Century, submitted to European Journal of Political Research

Bua, A. (2020). Democratic Innovation and the Policy Process: Reflexivity and Responsiveness, in Elstub, S. and Escobar, O. (eds) Handbook of Democratic Innovation. Edward Elgar

Davies, J., Bua. A., Cortina-Oriol, M. and Thompson, E. 2018. Why is Austerity Governable? A Gramscian Urban Regime Analysis of Leicester, UK, Journal of Urban Affairs, E-pub ahead of print

Bua, A. and Escobar, O. 2018. Participatory-Deliberative Processes and Public Policy Agendas: Lessons for Policy and Practice, Policy Design and Practice, Vol. 1, (2)

Bua, A. Davies, J. Blanco, I. Chorianopoulos, I. Cortina-Oriol, M. Feandeiro, A. Gaynor, N. Griggs, S. Howarth, D. and Salazar, Y. (2018). “The Urban Governance of Austerity in Europe”, in Kerley, R. Liddle, J. and Dunning, P. (eds) The Handbook of International Local Government. Routledge

Bua, A. Laurence, R. and Vardakoulias, O. (2017). Understanding Devolution: A Critical Appraisal of the Greater Manchester Devolution Deal. London: New Economics Foundation

Bua, A. (2017). Scale and Policy Impact in Participatory and Deliberative Democracy: Lessons from a Multi-Level Process. Public Administration, Vol 95, (1), pp: 160-177

Bua, A. (2015) Institutionalising Public Deliberation in Public Policy Agenda Setting, PhD Thesis: University of East Anglia

Bua, A. (2012) Agenda Setting and Democratic Innovation, Politics, Vol 2 (1): 10-20

Bua, A. (2009) Realising Online Democracy: A Critical Appraisal of the Online Civic Commons. London: Compass

Research interests/expertise

Democratic theory, participatory and deliberative democracy, public administration, governance theory, public policy, institutional analysis, political economy, local and regional economic development, comparative methods, qualitative methods


BA Politics, MA International Relations, PhD Politics (University of East Anglia)

Membership of professional associations and societies

Trustee, Local Works Trust

Political Studies Association

European Consortium of Political Research