Mr Graeme Reader Hawes

Job: Senior Lecturer

Faculty: Arts, Design and Humanities

School/department: School of Design

Address: De Montfort University, The Gateway, Leicester, UK, LE1 9BH

T: +44 (0)116 257 7528




Personal profile

My practice is made up of three main areas.

Firstly Lecturing on the Design Crafts programme. I am a first year Tutor; this role involves guiding first year students through the year making sure they are aware of all the resources and possibilities available within the workshops, discussing ideas and the relevant ways to illustrate their thinking and to listen and direct them to areas where they can find help with issues outside of a teaching remit.

For second and third year students on the Design Crafts Programme I am a specialist tutor working in the glass area, and give tutorial support within the student’s studio spaces.

The second arm to my practice involves Glass making. I make contemporary functional giftware which I supply to a number of exclusive gallery’s and glass shops such as Vessel on Kensington Park Road , the Cecilia Colman Gallery on St Johns wood High Street and Braybrook and Britten a fine silvers company who are all in central London.

Thirdly I exhibit my work and research both traditional and contemporary, innovative glass making practices. DMU has helped me to develop my work and explore new approaches to traditional techniques; this has given me the knowledge and information to enable me to produce new and innovative glasswork for selected exhibitions alongside the dissemination of current ideas and techniques throughout the student body.

Research interests/expertise

I am currently engaged in the development of Venetian and English Hot Glass making techniques in combination with glass cutting techniques.

I am also interested in researching the new parameters of the craftsman, now that engineering, design and manufacture have replaced the Craftsman in the production of utilitarian objects where are the boundaries and looking at the identity of non-functional craft.

Areas of teaching

  • Glass blowing 
  • Professional Practice
  • First Year tutor


  • 1988-1989 Foundation Art, Southend college of Arts and Technology 
  • 1989-1992 BA (Hons) 3d design in Glass and Ceramics, Sunderland University.
  • 1993-1995 MA in Glass Design, Royal college of Art London. 

Courses taught

Design Crafts BA (Hons)

Honours and awards

  • 2003 Crafts Council Development Award
  • 2007 Design Factory Bursary for Origin
  • 2007 Creative Leicestershire Bursary

Membership of external committees

  • 2004 QCA Panel Member- revision of the GCE Art and Design Curriculum (Not current)

Membership of professional associations and societies

  • Design Nation 2003-2006
  • Design Factory 2007-2009

Forthcoming events

New work to be exhibited at the CAA for an Exhibition by the CGS
Showing at the Collect Exhibition for the CAA

Conference attendance

  • CGS Conference at the Royal College of Art
  • CGS Conference at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Consultancy work

  • Drinking vessels for both Grolsch and Black Bush Whisky
  • 27th Arts & Business Awards
  • Glass Mangrove Swamp for Hermes, Basel, Switzerland
  • 18th century gin bottles for Care in the Community

Internally funded research project information

Practical Research involving the development of traditional Venetian glass making techniques combined with contemporary cutting (which are derived from traditional English cutting techniques) 

Professional esteem indicators

  • 2004 QCA Panel Member- revision of the GCE Art and Design Curriculum


1991 Beecroft Gallery, Southend on Sea, Essex.

1992 Smiths Gallery, Covent Garden, London.

1992 Glass of 92 Crystal Festival, Broadfield House, West Midlands.

1995 Borax Glass, Guilford Science Park, Surrey.

1995 Designers Guild, Kings Road, London.

1996 Beecroft Gallery, Southend on Sea, Essex.

1998 New Generation Glass, Oxford Gallery.

Bi-me Partnership:

2001 London Underground Gloucester Road Tube Station

2001 Espai Vidre, Barcelona, Spain

2002/3 Henley Arts Festival

2002 Beauty in Function, Yo No Bi, London

New Ashgate Gallery,

2003 Recipient of Crafts Council Development Award. 

2003/2004 Exhibitor at Chelsea Craft Fair.

2004 Collect, V+A London (bi-me collaboration with New London Glass)

2004 The Power of Glass, Troyes, France

2004 Lustre, Tullie House, Carlisle

2004-2005 Fragile Cargo, touring exhibition through Hungary, London, Belgium and Holland.

2004 The Power of Glass, Troyes, France.

2004 Lustre, Tullie House, Carlisle

2005 Shared Creativity, Contemporary Applied Arts, London

2006 Origin, London

2006 Show Case National Glass Centre, Sunderland

2007 Fine Things, Black Swan Arts, Frome

2007 Henley Arts Festival, outdoor instillation

2007 Origin, Somerset House, London

2008 The Glass House, CAA, London

2008 Origin, Somerset House, London

2008 Glass in the Window, The City Art Gallery


1993-1993  Part Time Visiting Lecturer Southend College of Art and Technology.  

1996-2004 Part Time Visiting Lecturer Buckingham Chilterns University College.

2002-2003 Part Time Visiting Lecturer Central University Lancaster

2003-2006 Part Time Visiting Lecturer DeMontfort University

2004-2006 Adult Glassblowing Tutor Barleylands Glassworks

2006-Pres Senior lecturer 0.5 DeMontfort University

Graeme Hawes
Artwork by Graeme Hawes