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Richard Snape MEng MA(Cantab) PhD

Senior Lecturer in Engineering Science and Mathematics

Richard Snape was elected by academic staff members and joined the board in November 2019. He is a member of the Nominations Committee.

Richard is an engineer and currently works as a Senior Lecturer, active in teaching and research.  He works on campus and is always happy to chat to colleagues.  He brings a knowledge of working as an academic at DMU to board discussions as well as expertise from previous roles. He has worked in industry with experience in the automotive sector, software engineering and as a senior manager on London Underground with responsibility for significant budgets and a large workforce.  This role involved providing rigorous assurance of safety critical work carried out by his team, giving him knowledge of assurance processes that he can bring to the governor role.

Richard is pleased to be given the opportunity to serve on the Board of Governors and to contribute to the duty of the governors to uphold the character and mission of the University as it fulfils its primary purpose of providing higher and further education and research. He is particularly interested in open governance, ensuring that processes are as clear and easily scrutinised as possible.

As a resident of Leicester, Richard is keen to ensure that the university is held in high regard in the city and contributes to the character of the region.  Richard is committed to ensuring the voices of under-represented groups are heard and that the university actively works to ensure that it supports staff and students from a wide range of backgrounds and circumstances, irrespective of personal characteristics.