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Ms Lin Hinnigan BSc (Hons) MEd MBA

Former CEO of the Youth Justice Board England and Wales

Lin Hinnigan joined the Board of Governors in July 2017. She sits on the Finance and Human Resources Committee, the Nominations Committee, the Remuneration Committee, and chairs disciplinary appeals on behalf of the board.

Lin’s professional background and training is as an educational psychologist and she spent over 20 years in Local Education Authorities working with children and young people, their families, schools and communities in order to improve their life chances.

She then joined the Civil Service in 2000 and fulfilled a number of policy and delivery roles, including working with ministers to take legislation through parliament and being responsible for the operation of the courts in the West Midlands.

She has subsequently had a successful track record of strategic leadership as a director and Chief Executive of a number of public bodies.  She has led organisations responsible for the regulation of social workers, the development of the school curriculum, assessment and qualifications and the oversight of teacher training and development.

Her most recent Chief Executive role was at the Youth Justice Board, where she worked with stakeholders across local and central government, community and voluntary sector organisations and commercial providers to reduce offending by young people.

Her passion is for helping young people to achieve and develop their potential, particularly those who are made vulnerable or disadvantaged due to their personal or family circumstances.