Phill Matthews

Personal training sessions are only available at weekends.

I am a strong believer of practicing what you preach and I have been working towards my own fitness and physique goals for the last nine years. During this time I have gained a vast amount of knowledge on fat loss as well as increasing muscle and strength. Using my experience I can educate and guide you to feel comfortable in a fitness environment both with and without me.

During my nine years of training, I have transformed my own physique, losing over 15kg and reducing my body fat from 29% to under 10%. I then went on to compete in a junior bodybuilding competition and had my transformation featured on, one of the UK’s largest supplement and lean meat supplier.


I understand the importance of hard work and consistency, in both the gym and the lifestyle choices we make. As your personal trainer I will work alongside you to create a sustainable, long term plan that will help you reach your fitness goals.


Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training
UKSCA Foundation Certificate in Strength and Conditioning
UKCC Level 1 Award in Coaching Weight Lifting
Applying the principles of nutrition to a physical activity programme

Client testimonials

“Being trained by Phill helped me to re-find my motivation to train. He pushes me and challenges my idea of weight training. Phill is so knowledgeable on the anatomy and has such a vast vocabulary of exercises that I am always learning during our sessions. Be prepared to push past your limits and expectations of your own body when being trained by Phill. Whilst also being inspired by his commitment and outlook on not only his training, but training as a whole.”


“Over my 12 sessions with Phill, not only have I got to know the gym, but also myself. When working out on my own, I was lacking motivation and giving up very quickly. Phill made me realise what I am capable of. He always took my comments into consideration and always had a head full of ideas to make session more interesting and convenient for me. I found him extremely knowledgeable not only in terms of gym, but also as my nutritional advisor.”


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