Gabor Papp

“I am the quickest way to your target”

I started weight training 25 years ago, and have
been a personal trainer for 15 years. Over the last 15 years I’ve trained
people aging from 17-91, including people with disabilities.

Why am I different to other trainers? My teacher was a professional Olympic trainer whose team competed and won 3 times at the Olympic Games. I’ve learnt many aspects within the fitness industry; Which machines to use, what to eat, how important rest/active rest is, psychology, gymnastics, physics...and lot more which has given me a more holistic approach to fitness.


EQF Level 3 Sport coach (body building - fitness)



"I was looking for a personal trainer when I first started to go to gym, over a year ago. Gabor was really helpful and patient, I couldn’t use any machines and I had no idea how to start. He helped me to feel comfortable in that environment and built up a training plan for me after several questions. The plan is perfect for my lifestyle, it’s enjoyable, but still helps me lose weight and get more fit. Now, after more than a year, going to gym is part of my weekly routine because of the good start with Gábor, I am really grateful."

"I had been training for 3 years when I met Gabor . I felt like I reached my limits and couldn't get to the next level. Then he came to help me with a new training plan I have never tried. I was really surprised, but the results came fast. In 4 months I gained 8 pounds of lean muscle mass and also lost fat! My strength level had also developed. I really enjoy training with him because I can get 1% more, 1 extra rep, 1 extra set by having him there, it is worth it 10X over! We also became good friends."

"Gabor is perfect example of what a personal trainer should be. He highlighted various aspects such as, working out consistently, a proper diet plan, a balance between machines/weights and cardio. He also gave a lot of little tips to help with certain exercises. He was always very prompt with emails and was also very friendly to talk to."


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