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National Scholarship Programme (NSP)

For 2013/14 we will be awarding up to 676 NSPs to first year students. The NSP for 2013/14 provides students with a £2,000 fee or accommodation waiver (if living in DMU owned halls of residence) and a £1,000 cash bursary in their first year only.

There is no need to apply for the NSP*, as awards will be automatically allocated by our Student Finance and Welfare team based on the eligibility criteria below.

Eligibility criteria

The following students will not be eligible to receive the NSP:

  • Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish students
  • NHS funded or sponsored (or part-sponsored) students
  • Students who are topping up a previous qualification (ie a FD, HND etc)
  • Students who have studied previously at HE level
  • Students who have transferred from another institution prior to entry or after the start of the academic year
  • Part-time students studying less than 25 per cent FTE
  • Students in receipt of the Special Support Grant (unless the Special Support Grant has been awarded on the basis of a disability)
  • Students in receipt of any other DMU bursary or scholarship including faculty scholarships (excluding Estranged Students Bursary). In the case where a student may be eligible for two awards, we will contact the student to notify them and they will be required to choose one award.
  • Students paying £6,000 tuition fees
  • Students from the European Union with an EURS Student Support Number

If you think you may be eligible for the NSP please read the information below carefully.

For us to assess your eligibility your data must be available in the Student Loans Company Higher Education Portal. Therefore, you must be in receipt of Student Funding from Student Finance England and both you and your parents/sponsors must have consented to Student Finance England (SFE) sharing your/their household income data with DMU. Without this information we cannot make an assessment of your eligibility for the NSP. 

Household income criteria

In addition to the above criteria students must meet our own household income criteria.

For us to ensure the NSP supports our lowest income students we will initially allocate the NSP to students with a household income of £0 - £2,500 (based on the assessment carried out by SFE), who appear in Student Loans Company's Higher Education Portal up until the 31 March 2014. 

  • After 31 March 2014 we will not be ring-fencing any NSPs for students with household incomes below £2,500 and we will then start allocating the NSP to students with household incomes of up to £3,000 (and any additional £0 - £2,500 household incomes that we identify).
  • After we have allocated awards to all students with incomes of up to £3,000, we will allocate to the £3,500 students, and so forth (in increments of £500) until all the NSPs are allocated.
  • Allocation of NSPs to students with household incomes above £3,000 will be done on a date basis dependent on when their household income information showed in HEBSS (first come, first served). Assessments will be carried out on the date the household income assessment came into HEBSS as approved, not the date the application came into HEBSS.

Terms and conditions

*Please note: Part-time students and students in receipt of the Special Support Grant awarded on the basis of a disability will need to contact us directly to apply (via sas@dmu.ac.uk| ) for the NSP. This must be done by the 31 of March 2014.

  • As part-time students are not means-tested by SFE, DMU will carry out a means-tested assessment. Students must supply all the required information in order for them to be means-tested and then assessed for the NSP.
  • For students in receipt of the Special Support Grant awarded on the basis of a disability; we will need confirmation of this, as we are unable to tell via the Student Loans Company’s Higher Education Portal on what basis a Special Support Grant has been awarded.
  • Students will be notified of their eligibility from October onwards, as allocations are made. If you have a household income of £2,500 and below and you have not heard from us by the end of February 2014, please contact us to ensure we are able to view your information in the HE portal.
  • NSP recipients will be offered the choice of a fee waiver or an accommodation waiver (if they are living in DMU halls). If recipients opt to take the accommodation waiver, they must notify us of the decision as soon as the confirmation email is received.

DMU halls that qualify for the accommodation waiver are:

- Bede Hall
- New Wharf
- Waterway Gardens 

  • The cash element of the NSP will be paid in line with our other bursaries and scholarships (14 November 2013, 20 February 2014 and 8 of May 2014). For NSP awards made post the initial payments date/s, the cash element payments will follow soon after; within three to four weeks of the authorisation of the payments. These payments will be made directly into the bank account that your student loan/grant is paid into. 
  • Students must apply for the whole £9,000/£7,950 Tuition Fee Loan for their course. DMU will then contact the SFE /Student Loans Company to notify them of the fee wavier. The fee waiver will be applied at the end of the academic year.
  • Students paying their own fees are eligible for the NSP but should make this known to us as soon as they receive their NSP award notification.
  • Further verification of your circumstances may be sought from SFE if required. Awards will not be made until the required has been received.

The NSP is administered in conjunction with DMU’s general Bursary and Scholarship terms and conditions|.

How to get in touch

If you have any queries please contact the Student Finance and Welfare team by any of the following methods:

  • Emailing sas@dmu.ac.uk
  • Calling 0116 257 7595 (select option three followed by option two)
  • Visit the Student Finance and Welfare desk in the Student Gateway 
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