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At DMU we try to ensure everything is arranged to help our freshers settle in to university life. To help achieve this we’ve put together some tips for new students |  to read before beginning your time at DMU to give you a helping hand. You can also contact us on +44 (0)116 257 7595 or studentservices@dmu.ac.uk | if you do have any other queries.

Once your place at DMU has been confirmed you will need to arrange certain things to help make your time at DMU comfortable and enjoyable.

Preparing for study

Coming to university can be challenging as there is much more of an emphasis on independent study, time management skills and actively seeking support where needed. To help with these things we have created a Transitions Team | .

E: transitions@dmu.ac.uk | T: +44 (0)116 257 7595

There is also extensive academic | and personal support | available to help you get the most out of your time at DMU. 

Before you arrive

Before you arrive at DMU it is important that you have:

  • Confirmed your place through UCAS Track and replied to any paperwork you have received from DMU
  • Confirmed your student finance package with Student Finance England
  • Applied for a student bank account with an overdraft facility
  • Researched into travel options ie parking permits and rail/bus cards
  • Read any paperwork DMU has sent you

Equipment essentials

Before starting your studies you can prepare by making sure you have the correct study materials, such as:

  • Reading material for the first term
  • Pens, paper, folder etc
  • Laptop/computer
  • External hard drives/USB memory stick/printer and cartridges etc
  • Specialist course equipment if needed

When you arrive

When you arrive at DMU you will need to bring the following documentation:

  • DMU paperwork/offer letter
  • Student Finance paperwork/method of payment for tuition fees if applicable
  • Bank details
  • Passport sized photos
  • Form of official ID for enrolment
  • Confirmation of their place in Halls/private rented accommodation if moving away
  • Medical card/details of new doctor

Settling in to uni life

Experience has shown us that many students find it difficult to adjust to | university life straight away and take time to find their own way. If you feel you are or may be affected please speak to the Transitions Team | as soon as you are able.

Moving into accommodation

If you are moving away from home you may wish to prepare a list of items you may need during your time at DMU.  We have put together a list of recommended items |  that you may wish to bring with you, although this is by no means exhaustive.

Before buying all the things on this list it is advisable to check what’s already provided in your accommodation, it might also be worth holding off on some items as you may wish to purchase them with members of your household.

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