Youth Work Community Development BA (Hons) Modules

First year

The first year explores the history and development of youth and community work and other services that work with young people. It includes work around identity and anti-oppressive practice and observation of different organisations that work with young people.

  • Learning, Education and Youth Work
  • Youth and Community Work in Context
  • The Self in Context
    (there may be an opportunity for an international Study visit looking at disaffection/marginalisation)
  • Developing the Professional Practitioner 1

Second year

The second year develops skills and understanding of youth and community work, society and social policy, along with your ability to identify and tackle oppression. It promotes a greater understanding of inter-agency work, community development and management.

  • Black Perspectives
  • Developing the Professional Practitioner 2
  • Context, Management and Governance
    (there may be an opportunity  for an international Study visit – looking at Social Policy)
  • Research Methods/Negotiated Module
    (there may be the opportunity for  an international Study visit – European Seminar  around Immigration /Super-diversity)

Third year

The third year focuses on enhancing your research skills, increasing your understanding of social issues and extending your range of practical and managerial skills.

  • Globalisation and Global Youth Work
    (there may be the opportunity for an international Study visit –The Gambia / Globalisation)
  • Practice-Related Research
  • Professional Formation and Action Learning
  • Developing the Professional Practitioner 3

There may be the opportunity  for an international Youth Camp 

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