Photography and Video BA (Hons) application portfolio advice

Your portfolio

We want to get a sense of what you are interested in, what your knowledge about the subject area is like and how motivated you are.

In your personal statement please include a section describing what kind of photographic and film work you like, what photographers or film makers you have found particularly interesting or inspirational and why.

If you have never made a video because your school or college does not offer that then you may not have any video to show us. In that caseyou need to think about what kind of films and TV programmes you particularly enjoy and why. There may be a particular film or video thatimpressed you because of the way it was shot, lit or edited, so you could talk about that. It is important to be able to say why you like something,not just that you think it is good.

Portfolio submission options for overseas applicants

What are we looking for?

We are looking for:

  • An enthusiasm for both photography and video
  • A creative response to set projects
  • Evidence of photography and/or video you have done in your own time
  • The ability to discuss your interests in photography and video
  • Good communication skills with both written and spoken English

What should a portfolio contain?

Research and development sketchbooks/blogs

It is crucial to include some evidence of the development of the projects you show and the approaches taken such as sketchbooks ora blog that shows the thinking and influences behind the photographs and the progress to the final selection. Try to include treatments,scripts and storyboards or shot lists for video. We need this to see how you think and work, how you researched each project, what you rejected and what you kept for the final selection.


Photographs and/or moving image work

Please bring a selection of up to 20 finished images. If you have made some work independently outside of your course that has a particulartheme, subject or focus then include some of that as it shows motivation and interest.

If you have them, please include 2 or 3 short videos up to a maximum of 5 minutes. If your moving image work is longer than this then please produce a showreel (like a movie trailer) of the work.

Include a clear indication of your role(s) in the video, for example camera operator, sound recordist,director, editor or production management.

Photographs and moving image

Written work

A short piece (500-1000 words) of written work authored in English. An essay showing evidence of critical thinking and writing is preferable.

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