Francesca Dadlani - Performing Arts BA (Hons) graduate

Frankie came to DMU through clearing and chose modules including Devising; Live Art; Improvisation and Performance, which took her down the Contemporary Performance pathway. Her final major performance gained an outstanding first class mark, and she went on to complete an MA in Contemporary Performance Making.

Frankie says: "Since I left DMU I did a one-year MA in Contemporary Performance Making, at Brunel University. I spent the summer of 2013 touring my masters’ piece around England and Europe and doing work experience in London with artists such as Annie Sprinkle, Dani Ploeger, Stacy Makishi, Simon Vincenzi and Yann Marussich.

"After that, I decided to go into business with my Father running an online business selling photo-books, and have been working hard to build the company for the past year.

"The Performing Arts course gave me so much. It changed the way I thought about art, performance, drama and self expression and, in short, it taught me how to ‘think outside of the box’.

"The skills and knowledge I gained from this course are vast. This course teaches you how to harness your creative abilities to build something you are proud of.  I learned how to work efficiently in a team, where I could get my ideas across but also listen to my peers to create bigger and better performances. One of the most important things I learned was how to use constructive criticism to my advantage by listening and growing from the advice of my peers and tutors.  

"The collective knowledge and experience of the tutors at De Montfort is very impressive and meant I felt comfortable and safe to create freely. I built a great trust with my tutors and always sought their advice and extensive knowledge.  

"The opportunities I gained from the workshops and staff at De Montfort University were invaluable and meant I could create lasting connections with people within the industry. 

"My current position allows me to indulge my creative abilities and for this I always use the foundation of skills I gained from the course. The skill of creating something from a single idea, and being able to organise my thoughts to construct something productive out of it. Then measuring the effects of that action through analysis of performance and data. This is something we did multiple times throughout my three years at DMU and I have found that this process is transferable to almost any business or industry."

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