Alexandra Thomas-Davis - Performing Arts BA (Hons) graduate

Alex chose modules including Dance Artist in Education and Community; Negotiated Study; Teaching and Leading Dance; Improvisation and Performance. This combination broadly took her down the Applied Arts and Education Pathway, and led to a career in an organisation working with young adults with learning disabilities, encouraging and supporting them with their independence, confidence and self-esteem.  

Alex says:"I got into this work because, as part of the Teaching and Leading Dance module, I did a placement in a special needs school, in which I led dance workshops. It was so rewarding and I enjoyed it so much I realized I wanted to go on to work in this area.  I do all sorts of things with the students, from cooking to gardening, as well as teaching performing arts each week. I have recently been working on some dances for their summer show

"The Performing Arts degree built my self-confidence and allowed me to use my creativity to explore areas I was interested in, gaining my own knowledge and developing my ability to work and learn independently as well as with others, which is vital when coming to find employment.The knowledge of digital performance technologies, such as editing videos and sound, has meant that I can offer more to the students I work with: I can help them develop their creativity through creating their own films, which expands their horizons and develops them as individuals.

"The practical lessons within the degree have helped me to be able to lead my own dance sessions with confidence and understanding of how to keep everyone’s full engagement. Creating our own companies during the course helped me to understand the importance of communication and professionalism as well as organization and self-management, which are all essential for professional life after university."

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