Fashion Design BA (Hons) module details


Year one (Level 4)

Complete Fashion Studies
This module introduces students to all essential skills relevant to the subject of fashion which will equip and allow for further development throughout the course. Briefs will explore the design development and 3D resolution process through research, fabric selection, design, sampling, knitwear techniques, illustration and presentation techniques. The module will also explore critical studies looking at research methodologies and historic and contemporary fashion references.

Integrated Fashion Studies
This module introduces students to complementary studies to those covered in FSHN1200 Complete Fashion Studies. These studies will involve a comprehensive understanding of the fashion and textiles industry, design, pattern cutting, and manufacture for wovenwear, knitwear and stretch fabrics and CAD.

Practical skills will be delivered through workshops and lecture delivery. Briefs will explore the fashion and textiles industry and research, design development, sampling, pattern cutting, and garment technology for wovenwear, knitwear and stretch fabrics.

The introduction of CAD skills will also be delivered to support project work / briefs.

Year two (Level 5)

Fashion Design Studies 
This module develops design and visual communication skills studied at level one. Moving forward to undertake design projects in more specialist areas of fashion design and to develop and enhance student's research, communication and illustration skills. Projects will explore the subject areas of tailoring, print/knit for fashion, and illustration/portfolio development. During this module students will have the opportunity to respond to industry set briefs, competition briefs and their own personal project work.

Topics covered include the design process, translating research for fashion design, design development through to visual communication, drawing and illustration for portfolio presentation.

Students own design work undertaken during this model will be taken forward for development from 2D to 3D in FSHN2206 Practical Fashion Skills module.

Students will also have options, womenswear, menswear and knitwear within their choice of projects in this module

Critical and contextual studies will also be utilised within the module to support research methodologies for design projects and to develop students awareness of fashion as part of cultural developments and communication.

Practical Fashion Studies
This module develops technical and practical skills studied at level one and moves forward to undertake design and production projects in more specialist technical disciplines for fashion design. Projects will focus on the subject areas of tailoring, print for fashion, creative pattern cutting and advanced knitwear skills and techniques. Projects will be a variety of competition briefs, industry set briefs and students own personal project work. This module will be dominated by practical skills sessions and the production of own designs through pattern cutting and garment production.

CAD will be utilised within the module to support technical drawing, advanced personal/ professional presentation skills and also online portfolio creation.

Year three (Level 6)

Advanced fashion studies
The module contains a number of project briefs of varying complexity, which will cover areas including target customer and retailer, colour and fabric development and specialist styling ideas. Project briefs will include all relevant national and international fashion design competitions which will be set by various organisations such as British Fashion Council and ASBCI. Briefs will be focused towards students own individual interests as well as enhancing design, graphic and visual presentation skills. One of the briefs will be the “pre-collection”. This will afford students the opportunity to work on a collection. The brief will include the research, design development, fabric selection and range building of a collection of 4/6 outfits.

Major Project
This module enables students to bring together all of their acquired skills throughout their studies into a major project. The module will include research into a specially selected theme and market for the application of the design development process, from concept to final product. Each student work will be guided by an individual Negotiated Learning Agreement, which is formulated by each student with advice from module staff. The Negotiated Learning Agreement will map out the exact content and direction, which each student wishes to demonstrate their skills. Key areas to be covered will include; the selection and research into concept and market place (which will be communicated in both written and visual formats), idea generation, design development and fabric selection, leading through to the final selection of a range of 4-6 outfits for pattern cutting and production.

Students will also have options, womenswear, menswear and knitwear within their choice of projects in this module.

To accompany this major piece of work, students will complete a major critical and theoretical research and written project

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