Public Law

Module code: PGDL 3004

Module description

The public law course will equip students with the an understanding of constitutional theory and principles and their applications to modern situations .In addition the course will cover the relationship between the organs of the State and the individual and consider the European dimension and its impact on the UK.

Students will develop an awareness of the interactions between legal and non-legal rules and principles and an understanding of the forms of redress open to the individual. The course is structured to enable students to analyse source material and articulate Public Law principles.

The syllabus includes:

  • The UK Constitution - meaning, sources and Institutional framework
  • The Legislative Supremacy of Parliament- operation and scope of Parliamentary Supremacy
  • The Royal Prerogative- operation and scope of the doctrine of the Royal Prerogative
  • The Rule of Law- operation and scope of the principle of legality and the Rule of Law
  • Separation of Powers- the operation and scope of this doctrine and its impact upon judicial thinking
  • Human Rights - focus on the Human Rights Act 1998- the structure and consider its consistency, or otherwise, with constitutional fundamentals
  • Judicial Review - understand the operation of Judicial Review and the grounds
  • Police Powers- focus on Police Powers which stem from both case law and statute law

Contact hours per student per year


  • Lectures: 28 hours
  • Tutorials: 10 hours


  • Online lectures: 15 hours
  • Tutorials: 12 hours


  • Written asssessment: 100%

Additional costs: No extra costs other than purchase of books

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