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Research is central to our mission at De Montfort University (DMU) and is at the heart of our vibrant academic environment. Support for the training and development of our staff is a key objective within our Research Strategy and we aim to provide for the needs of researchers at all points in their careers.

The Research, Business and Innovation Directorate supports the needs of our research staff and included within this is support of training and development. The RBI coordinates with other directorates and faculties across the University with the aim of providing as broad a programme of courses and sessions as possible.”

The latest list of researcher training courses is below:

Research Integrity: isn't it obvious?  

The standards for research seem to be fairly straightforward: be honest, take care of research participants, and don't steal the work of others.  James Parry, Chief Executive of the UK Research Integrity Office will explore whether these assumptions are correct and if researchers need to pay a bit more attention to guidance on research practice like The Concordat to Support Research Integrity. The session will look at notorious cases of research fraud and if it might be easier than you think to slip up and do sloppy research, regardless of your discipline. Case study workshop: questionable practices, conflicts of interest and authorship disputes. Using case studies and group discussion, this session will explore the 'grey areas' that researchers may face when trying to meet ethical standards. James Parry will lead discussions on common issues and pitfalls, and delegates will also be given the opportunity to share their experiences and perspectives

Thursday 25 June 11am to 2pm
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