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The panels

Why aren’t Heads of School on the panels?

The panels provide independent advice to head of school who still has to make difficult decisions to balance their resources appropriately. This independence could be compromised so on balance it is decided that the head of school is not on the panel.

Should the panel have representation from elsewhere in the faculty/institution

In most cases this will be provided by the chair and/or Faculty Head of Research and Innovation/Associate Dean (Research and Innovation).  Where this is not the case, we will consider including a panel member from another school if possible.

Why is there not a representative from another faculty or HR?

HR cannot usefully feed into discussions about the nature of research, and this shouldn’t become an HR process – it is about supporting research. In most cases there will be representation from outside the school – see earlier answer.

Do the panels look at the 1 year or the 5 year event horizon?

They mainly focus on the one year with context from the longer term plans.

How will conflicts between the panel and the Head of School be resolved?

There may be some tensions but there is dialogue between heads of school and Heads of Research & Innovation/Associate Dean Research & Innovation and PVC Research & Innovation when necessary.

How will the make up of the panels be decided?

This is guided by the head of schools and the Faculty Head of Research and Innovation/Associate Dean (Research and Innovation). We try to ensure appropriate coverage from different subject areas, and it is appropriate to combine some smaller Schools/Departments in order to get an effective panel..

What happens if the Head of School does not act on the panel’s recommendation?

There can be tensions and the head of school has to balance competing demands sensibly. Information is provided on how discrepancies can be raised and discussed on the relevant IIRP guidance webpage.

Have Deans been missed out?

This is a workload allocation model which happens at school level – schools report into deans so deans are involved but at a higher level, and may have a key role to play if there is perceived inequality in the schools’ allocations.  Deans are also consulted directly on IRP processes and as Executive Board members agree the overall process.

Is there an appeals process?

No, see the guidance webpage for more information.

How do you define “research active”?

Anyone who has a research and innovation allowance to undertake research and innovation.

How will you handle people asking for more time than they need and verify the credibility of the claims for planned research vs delivered research?

Track record plays an important role, and so does the reflection on the previous year’s activities. The role of the panel is to moderate the requests to ensure they are appropriate.

Can pro-rata posts and fixed term research appointments be used as evidence of track record?

Yes, panels will be sensitive to these postholders.

How will requests for more resource than is available be prioritised?

This is up to the head of school, but the panel can provide advice if appropriate.

What happens if someone doesn’t get the allowance they have requested?

Not everyone will.  It will be possible to request feedback to help understand how the panel decision was reached.

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