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What should I think about when considering the size of research and innovation allowance to request?

The panels will be looking to empower individuals to develop a sustainable research career. If you have never undertaken research before but would like to build up your research endeavours, consider what you can deliver in the academic year to help you build a track record.

What if you have undertaken research in the past but have never had a research and innovation allowance from DMU?

The panel will consider previous relevant activities, they will also have a copy of your research record form, and entries on DORA  so it is essential that this is kept up to date.

For individuals with a significant research component in their roles (for example, Research Fellows, Readers etc.) how is this different to the annual 'myappraisal' or 'max plan' process?

Annual appraisals are about an individual’s holistic development, of which the research is a part of, whereas as IIRPs address the explicit element of an individual’s profile (i.e. the actual research) in more detail. The IIRP form may be made available to the appraisal process. There is an issue with timing if we were to try to bring the processes together – IIRPs need to feed into timetabling but appraisals don’t happen at that time of year.

What should the balance be in the IIRP form between research and other EIG activities?

Any activity that fits under HEFCE’s definition of research (‘a process of investigation leading to new insights effectively shared’) can be requested as part of a research and innovation allowance, alongside activities directed at delivering research impact. However, non-research related EIG activities (e.g. short courses) are not considered as part of the IIRP.

The form is qualitative but the metrics are quantitative – what are the panel members looking for?

The qualitative element allows you to explain what you want to do, the quantitative elements are tangible things like outputs, grant applications etc. Both aspects are needed on the form.

Can you request time for research leadership activities (e.g. heading up a research group)?

Yes. Heads of Groups should provide leadership details as part of their role and this will continue.

Can you refer back to outputs from previous years?

Yes, it is also ok to say (for example) 'I wish to create a piece of art, typically I would expect to provide this for an exhibition within the next two years (based on my previous experience).'

Are hourly-paid staff eligible to apply for an IIRP?

Staff are only eligible if they have a contract that allows for research and teaching. Hourly-paid staff are not in this position.

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