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The Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development

The Institute's research has been developed over a 30-year period to create the underlying knowledge, techniques and technology necessary to achieve more energy-efficient and sustainable lifestyles.

Current research is driven by the UK's commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase the use of new and renewable energy technology and provide a high-quality, comfortable, safe and efficient built environment.

Applied research seeks practical solutions to contemporary problems, whilst more theoretical and/or blue sky explorations seek to understand our physical and social world, generating new knowledge which can have long term benefits in many fields of human endeavour.

An Institute advisory panel, with representatives from academia, industries and other relevant stakeholder groups, helps determine the strategic direction of the Institute’s research.

The current portfolio of research projects, worth in excess of £3m, is funded by the UK Research Councils, EU and overseas funding agencies, energy utilities, industry, and local and national government. Research is further underpinned by science research infrastructure (SRIF) funding.


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