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Professor Bogumil Ulanicki

Professor Bogumil Ulanicki is Head of Centre for Engineering Science and Advanced Systems (CESAS) and the Water Software Systems (WSS) research group, which are located in the Faculty Technology.

Prof. Ulanicki has been leading the Water Software Systems (WSS) research effort since 1989, and his research has been primarily concerned with Water Distribution Systems (WDS) and more recently also with wastewater treatment.

WDS are very complex spatially distributed systems comprising thousands of components such as, treatment works, tanks, pipes, pumps, valves, and specialised control components to deliver drinking water to customers. The water distribution infrastructure has to be operated, maintained, developed, and customers have to be served.

The aim of research in this area is to develop computer based methods and tools to help water companies with these activities. WSS under Prof. Ulanicki's leadership has carried 17 research projects sponsored by EPSRC, EU, TSB and the British Council, and 14 industrial contract research projects for the water industry.

Research is focused on:  

  • Solving engineering problems in water distribution systems
  • Modelling of water distribution systems
  • Energy and pressure management
  • Leakage management and burst detection
  • Steady state and dynamic pressure control
  • Modelling and control of dynamic and transient phenomena
  • Information integration in a water enterprises
  • Software development for engineering applications

Solving engineering problems in the wastewater area, include:

  • Dynamic modelling and control of membrane biological reactors
  • Modelling of membrane fouling
  • Wastewater treatment process piloting, optimisation, and control
  • Computational fluid dynamics

To view Prof. Ulanicki's online profile click here|. Visit the CESAS| website.

BogumilProfessor Bogumil Ulanicki

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