Hackathon For Assisted Living, Health, Social Care and Community (HALE 2013)

De Montfort University, 16-17 Nov. 2013

The first "Hackathon for assisted living, health, social care and community" is taking place on 16th and 17th Nov. 2013 in De Montfort University and is organised by the Faculty of Technology of De Montfort University and the Leicestershire County Council. This event aims to bring together designers and developers with charities and service providers to create technical solutions to social problems during an intensive two days development event. During the event a short-listed number of proposals from the local charities, hospitals, museums and service providers will be discussed and one or more will be chosen to be implemented by the end of the two days event.

The event is organised to run during a DMU open day of 16th November 2013 for the benefit of our visitors as we will be also holding a parallel "programming with Raspberry PI" session for school children and open day visitors in the morning and afternoon.

What is a Hackathon?

Hackathons are a way of exploring technical solutions to social issues or ‘problems’. They involve getting a number of people together, usually for a day or two, to set out problems and devise technological solutions.The event will harness both the energy and creativity of the programming community and place it alongside the issues facing adult social care, hopefully to bring about innovative solutions.

The sotware developed will be open source i.e users and developers are allowed to study, change, improve and  to distribute the software.

How to get involved?

Due to limitations on the number of teams and their members, the attendance in the Hackathon event is by invitation only but we surely need all the help we can get from anyone with hands on programming experience on all platforms including the web and mobile devices and also designers and project managers to join the team of developers from the universities and the industry. Please visit our EventBrite page or contact the organisers if you would like to participate or help with the event. 

We assume that attendees will be from either designer/developer communities or from departments/organisation with a problem which requires a technical solution. 

Service providers, charities and individuals could submit their proposal of the problem with its context and background to our submission page on Easychair. Submissions need to include the name of the proposer, the company (if any), description of the the problem(s) and possible technical solutions (if known) plus any support to the event they may be able to provide in 1-2 pages of A4. The deadline for submissions for the event in November has passed, but submissions will be considered for the next events. 

For the Hackathon event on 16-17th November 2013. we have received 12 submissions from different organisations, hospitals and charities which have been short listed and only 1-2 proposals will be considered for development during the two days session after consideration/selection by the teams during the morning of the Saturday 16th November 2013. session.

How will the event work?

On the weekend of the 16/17th of November at De Montfort University, coders, providers, LCC and service users will gather to work on specific problems that they face, in order to find solutions in the shape of mobile or web applications.

Problems and areas of work will be collected beforehand and then filtered down (by a judging panel) into workable problems in the areas of: 

  1. Housing
  2. Mental Health
  3. Health
  4. Assisted living
  5. and a Wild Card Table (a selection of problems from social care and health)

During the mroning of the first day,  teams will discuss various problem areas and how technology in the shape of app’s and websites could assist. They will come to a consensus as to which problems have a workable solution. Technologists will be on hand to assist in terms of making technological solutions workable from midday.

 During day 2 the technologists will be working with teams to develop the idea into a workable app or website. Because the software is open source the apps or websites could be used as a solution by any user/organisation after the event.  

Time and Venue:

Hackathon:  9:00AM-5:00PM, 16-17 November,  G3.78-79, Gateway House Building

Raspberry PI programming: 10:00-12:00 (invited session for school pupils) and 2:00-4:00 for open day visitors, G6.33, Game Development Studios, Gateway House Building


The event is organised by Samad Ahmadi and Bill Wong from the faculty of technology and colleagues from the Leicestershire county council and is fully supported by the school of Computer Science and Informatics, Faculty of Technology and ITMS with helps from the Square Mile project and several charities and external technology companies. If you have any questions please contact Dr Samad Ahmadi at sahmadi@dmu.ac.uk.

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