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ViR.AL has been very successful in receiving funding to carry out research on a number of assisted living and adaptive learning. Below is a list of projects which have received funding:

Dr. Picinali has been involved in assistive technology projects for the visually impaired before joining the Faculty of Technology in 2009 (see Picinali, 2011 and Katz, 2011). His research in the field of interactive Virtual Reality (VR) for blind individuals has continued here at DMU thanks to a RIF grant in 2009 (“Creative Technologies for People with Disabilities), producing several international publications and two EPSRC grant proposals. Furthermore, Dr. Picinali is involved in various projects related to the RCUK Grand Challenge mentioned earlier: from the Multimedia and Audiology Network project (RIF2010 project, see also Picinali, 2010) to various studies in the field of audio and haptics interaction design (see Picinali, 2012).

Dr Ahmadi is a member of the steering committee of IEEE Transaction on computational Intelligence and AI (T-CIAIG) for games and the steering committee of IEEE transaction on autonomous mental development and the chair of the game strategy committee in IEEE CE society (2012). He is also an associate editor for T-CIAIG and IEEE Consumer electronics magazine for game technologies. Dr Ahmadi has received a funded PhD for modelling user strategies in interactive environments and games and a number of his projects have won DMU creative thinking award in 2009 and British computer society (BCS) prize for modelling free kicks in a game of football using genetic algorithms. He teaches game programming and artificial intelligence for games and has been involved in programming and application development for research for 18 years with several 3D graphics and Physics libraries.

Dr. Ahmadi and Dr. Picinali are also currently involved in a research project which aims to create a very affordable haptic device integrated into a 3D virtual environment to simulate the experience of a trainee surgeon in terms of visuals of human body and also feedback from surgery devices. This project has been funded by DMU through the Frontrunner placement scheme and by the 2012 East Midlands Innovation Fellowship (£13k, title “Surgeon Training Device: integration of haptic devices with game technologies”).


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