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 Hackathon for assisted living, health, social care and community (HALE 2013)

The first "Hackathon for assisted living, health, social care and community" is taking place on 16th and 17th Nov. 2013 in De Montfort University and is organised by the Faculty of Technology of De Montfort University and the Leicestershire County Council. This event aims to bring together designers and developers with charities and service providers to create technical solutions to social problems during an intensive two days development event. During the event a short-listed number of proposals from the local charities, hospitals, museums and service providers will be discussed and one or more will be chosen to be implemented by the end of the two days event.

The event is organised to run during a DMU open day of 16th November 2013 for the benefit of our visitors as we will be also holding a parallel "programming with Raspberry PI" session for school children and open day visitors in the morning and afternoon. See the event page for more information.

The First DMU workshop on Assisted Living Technologies (ALT 2012) hosted by ViRAL Research Group

The first DMU workshop on Assisted Living Tehnologies (ALT 2012) took place on 21th November 2012 at De Montfort University, the purpose was to showcase recent advances and research trends in this area. This workshop was organised by ViRAL research group in Faculty of technology of De Montfort University. Further details can be found here


ViRAL wins Innovation fellowship fund for "Surgeon Training Device: integration of haptic devices with game technologies" project. 

Dr. Ahmadi and Dr. Picinali are currently involved in a research project which aims to create a very affordable haptic device integrated into a 3D virtual environment to simulate the experience of a trainee surgeon in terms of visuals of human body and also feedback from surgery devices. This project has been funded by DMU through the Frontrunner placement scheme and by the 2012 East Midlands Innovation Fellowship (£13k, title “Surgeon Training Device: integration of haptic devices with game technologies”).



Technology Degree Show
Technology Degree Show

The Technology Degree Show highlights the work and achievements of our final year students.

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