Attendees 2016

The following are the attendees of the 2016 Hackathon For Assisted Living, Health, Social Care and Community.

Samad Ahmadi
(Event Organiser and Director of DS-Cubed Ltd and Vir.AL)

Rod Walsh
(Founder; Architect at Kineso Oy)

Gareth Robinson DCR
(Proposer for Angular Rotational Communication System ARCS)

David Slater

From East Midlands Ambulance Services (EMAS) for eFRAT application

Thomas Hoz

From East Midlands Ambulance Services (EMAS) for eFRAT application


DS-Cubed staff

Kate Lowe

Samana Moosavi

Marta Michajlow

Kien Tran

Rachel Richardson

Vitor Augusto Andrioli

Matthew Simms

George Goodwin

Dinis Marques

 Liam Hackett

Victoria Anaero-Nweke

Santosh Manne

Diego Marques

Gautam Melagodu Devaraju

Goutam Sahay

Egle Sciglinskaite

 Mowlid Moallim

Riya Chandrakar


 DMU staff

Armaghan Moemeni

 Kathleen Richardson



Samuel Mills

Fareed Ahmed

 Shakil Abdulla

 Sukhwinder Singh

Rajatt Sodhi

Ruibo Zhang

 Shean Bolho

Hossein Maleanhandi


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