Hackathon 2014

The second Hackathon for Health, Assisted Living, Social Care and Community (HALE) took place on the 15th and 16th November 2014.

The event was held at De Montfort University and was organised by the Faculty of Technology of De Montfort University and the Leicestershire County Council. This event brought together designers and developers with charities and service providers that created technical solutions to social problems during an intensive two days development event. During the event a short-listed number of proposals from the local charities, hospitals, museums and service providers were discussed. Based on feasibility and necessity considerations, the following proposals were considered for development:

- Time Bank
-  p2i (Passport to Independence)
-  MyPancreas 
-  Quality Monitoring Toolkit
-  AutisMe

More information about the applications that were developed

The event was organised to run during a DMU open day for the benefit of our visitors. We also held a parallel session of programming the NAO humanoid robot for school children and open day visitors in the morning and afternoon.

The following brilliant WordPress page was created by Maximilian Walsh and Dr Rod Walsh during the event and through interviews with project teams by Max. 


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