Attendees 2014

The following are the attendees of the 2014 Hackathon For Assisted Living, Health, Social Care and Community.

James O'Flynn
(Project Proposer for Timebank)

David Scruton(Project Proposer for P2I)

Giuseppe Garcea
(Project Proposer for MyPancreas)

Amisha Chauhan
(Project Proposer for Quality Monitoring Toolkit)

Dr Yasmin Delargy
(Project Proposer for AutisMe)

Christopher Buter(Project Manager)

Lynne Brydon-Graham
(Timebank Project Officer)

Simon Chiu

Kinal Mistry
(Project Designer)

Angie Stokes
(PHP Expert)

Arlene Casey
(PhD Student, De Montfort University)

Alexander Taylor
(Game Programming Student)

Tom Dell
(Game Programming Student)

Jake Fudge
(DMU Alumni)

Cris Pollard
(Clinical Nurse Specialist)

Sam Haxworth
(Programmer, De Montfort University)

Andrea Giugliano
(Programmer, University of Leicester)

Simon Chiu
(Programmer, De Montfort University)

Andrew Seymour
(Mathematics Student, University of Leicester)

Keith Parkins
(De Montfort University, Programmer)

Pamela Hardaker
(PhD Student and Part Time Lecturer)

Chris Shepherd
(Games Programming Student, De Montfort University)

Amanda Nunn
(Non-regulated Compliance Manager)

Ali Lehman
(Educating mum of three children with ASD and ADHD)

Charlie Edmunds
(Game Programming Graduate, De Montfort University)

Zakera Kali
(Design and digital strategy)


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