Applications 2014

During the two intense days, many of these applications were created by groups of problem proposers and DMU students. Many of the prototypes were successful.

The following applications were developed in the successful event of Hackathon 2014.

Time Bank

Time bank is a website that lets people with a certain set of skills to volunteer their time in hours; each hour translates to one point with these points you can buy an hour of time off someone else to learn some of their skills.

Passport To Independence (P2I)

The Passport To Independence app is created to help people coming out of homelessness, and people in supported accommodations, to get back on their feet and to be able to live independently.


MyPancreas guides patients through their pancreatic cancer diagnosis and improves understanding for questions such as where the pancreas is located and its normal function. The app will inform patients about their condition and any necessary treatment. In addition, the application will enable patients to record details of their condition, such as pain, weight loss, and nutrition. This application could be scaled to other cancers such as lung, breast and bowel and also other chronic health conditions, such as diabetes.

Quality Monitoring Toolkit

Tools that enable Leicestershire County Council officers to collect providers-of-social-care spreadsheet data via the website. The tool will be updated by care service providers on a quarterly basis detailing client data, for instance, support start date, demographics, desired outcomes and achievements.

Further Development to AutisMe

Create your profile in the app to let others know who you are, what makes you tick, meltdown or celebrate! You can enter as much or as little information as you want and change it as you change. You are in control. Customize, personalize, share your achievements and define your identity as you face the world. AutisMe works on most touch screen devices and platforms.

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